Sunday, June 21, 2009

Coffee canuntrums...

The Observer and I went out for coffee last night. I ordered a large decaf. I asked for my coffee with skim milk and two Splenda. The girl behind the counter said, "So you want double, double?" A double double is a coffee with two creams and two sugars. That's not what I asked for. I corrected the order, but the coffee did taste extra creamy. It drives me CRAZY when people get my coffee order wrong. Granted, I have had bigger problems, so coffee mix ups would be a pet peeve. Halfway through my coffee, a server approached our table and told me the freshly brewed pot of decaf was almost ready. Confused, I told her that I already had my coffee and double checked that it was decaf. The server was friendly and reassured me that it was. Not quite trusting the servers, I triple checked with another server and she said, "Yes, it's decaf" in this annoyed tone. Maybe I was being slightly paranoid but sleep is important to me. When I don't sleep, I am not a happy chicky.

After finishing my coffee, I noticed that I was talking faster to the Observer and my heart seemed to be beating quicker. Funny, that only happens when I drink coffee with caffeine late at night....hmmm. The coffee date I had with the Observer was fun. We talked about my sister's wedding. Every day is one less sleep. I joked that I would talk about the short period my sister and her fiancee broke up a few years ago. I could say something in my speech like:

After ten years of dating, how would have thought this two would officially tie the knot? Well, it's ten years unless you count that rough patch they went through...I'm really glad my sister took her finance back after he begged and pleaded. At first, I thought, See you later sucker! You blew it, but after seeing my Dad so sad to not have my sister's finance around, I softened. So, I guess we all make mistakes, but history says a lot. Hopefully yours will serve you well."

Of course I will NOT say any of the above, but it was fun to daydream. I promised the Observer to keep my speech wholesome.

I couldn't sleep at ALL last night. That was some decaf mind was buzzing. Today is Father's Day. I have inherited a lot from my father - including a love for coffee. Thanks for everything you have taught me Dad. Well, maybe not for the coffee addiction today.