Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Cute and fresh...

I went to the St. Lawrence Market this morning. I wanted to get out and Mom and Dad needed bagels. It's cold. If you're wondering whether you need a coat on to go outside, you do. My goosebumps came out in full force. The lady at the bagel stand is starting to recognize me. I'm not surprised. She gets loads of business from me. My family goes through lots of bagels. I noticed small children using walkers and wheelchairs touring the market. Each had an adult with them carrying a book about a certain part of the market including the butcher, bakery, fish market or produce market. They were very cute.

I bought three bell peppers on sale. I think they are overripe. Hopefully they last. I bought a container of sliced fresh fruit and had it for lunch with pita chips. Food at the market is top notch. The people are friendly. There is a jewelry stand where I might get a necklace for my friend on my next trip.

For the last two weeks,I've been eating more like a horse than a human. My clothes are feeling tight, but I'm trying not to stress. I'll be OK. Life goes on - no matter how big I am. Hopefully my brain is the biggest part of me - not my bottom.


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