Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dinner with a bald guy in a wheelchair...

Just before noon today, the sky opened up. Rain came down in buckets. All of a sudden, the sky turned very dark, cloudy and gloomy. The air felt eerie. There was thunder and lightening as soon as the rain came. I don't mind summer rainstorms, especially during the day. Maybe it's because during daytime we are more likely to look out the the window and appreciate the weather.

Last night I met the Observer and his friend at a restaurant close to my apartment. When I got to the place the Observer told me to meet him, there were a few restaurants where they could already be seated. I took a chance on one restaurant and asked if they had seated "a bald guy in a wheelchair and a blond girl." The hostess said, "no," so I asked the same question at the restaurant beside them. This time the hostess nodded and led me to where the Observer was sitting with his friend. I felt a bit rude referring to the Observer as "the bald guy in the wheelchair" but at least I found who I was looking for. Seeing the Observer and his friend was a fun way to spend the evening. They treated me to some greasy, buttery garlic bread. It is very unhealthy, but such a worthwhile splurge. The Observer's visit was short, but it was still great to see him. His friend is super sweet. She reminds me that good, positive people exist.

I watched an old Oprah episode called The Faces Of The Recession. I've seen it before. Watching it a second time around, I was struck by the number of homeless people who said they missed having a shower and turning on the bathroom light. It all seemed so simple. I guess it's the little luxuries we miss most. Being homeless and stuck in a rainstorm like the one we had today would have sucked. People would have to spend the entire day in wet clothes. I felt extra grateful to shower this morning.

Coming home on busy street last night, a lady on a corner looked at me and said, "Hi Beautiful. God Bless." Unlike many unstable homeless men who talk to me when I pass by, she seemed genuine and kind. Maybe I'm wrong, but I looked her in the eye and thanked her. Whoever she is and whatever her history, I hope she gets a little perk soon - like a shower.


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