Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Home to my one and only Mom...

Remember how I was complaining about having to drink liters of a salty, disgusting laxative mixed with purple Kool-Aid? I drank two litters. Desperate to "move" myself, I knew the salty, gross stuff was my last resort. Mom came over to clean and cheer me on. What would I do without my wonderful Mother? As soon as I was showered and had drank the first liter of Kleen Prep, I went to the grocery store and bought Mom a bouquet of bright, mixed flowers. The florist who helped me advised me not to go with Mom's favourite flower as it was poor quality. I asked her what her choice of flower would be and she picked the mixed bouquet. Mom isn't usually one for bright flowers, but sometimes it's good to switch things up. When I got home, Mom was already in my apartment cleaning the cupboards. She gets right down to business.

After drinking some more nasty laxative and realizing that it wasn't going to work quickly, Mom suggested taking me home. Frustrated, I agreed. Going home is amazing. There really is no place like it. I love my family. Even so, I feel more dependant there. I can't move around as easily or come and go as I please. The whole world doesn't feel right outside my window as it does downtown. On another level, coming home to sort out health issues feels like a burden to my family. When I am around, they must provide me with basic stuff and help me dress and shower. I know they don't mind, but it's still work.

After coming home, Mom needed to meet my sister for a dress fitting. I was glad for some quiet time and that Mom was still getting to do what she planned. It must have been important to my sister that my Mom was there. While Mom was gone, the Observer and I chatted on the phone. He played me current tunes. My stomach started feeling strange and I knew the laxative was starting to work.........sweet lord of bodily functions! Sure enough, I started having results when Mom returned. She was so relieved. I was breathing easier too.

Mom made me a delicious dinner of soup, salad with diced egg, nuts, and cranberries, a whole wheat roll and a bran muffin for dessert. I was a hungry girl. We watched So You Think You Can Dance. I don't normally watch reality shows, but it was fun to hang out with Mom. I was surprised she stayed awake for the whole show. When Mom really enjoys a program, I guess her focus is sharp.

I went to bed thinking that my day may have started on a rough note, but ended with me feeling happier and healthier. Sometimes I just need my Mom.


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