Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Party in the sky, my apartment, and my mouth!

It's raining out. The sky is having a party on all of us. My pants are very wet. Ah well, a girl has to go out, right? The sky looked grey this morning, but I couldn't resist going to the market. The wind made me shiver or maybe it was because I wasn't wearing anything but short sleeves. Being mid June, one would have thought I would be OK. The market wasn't too busy. I bought bagels for Mom and Dad. Hopefully they still enjoy them. I don't think they would pretend to like them if they didn't, but who knows. Parents can be surprising. I couldn't resist buying myself a fresh fruit salad. It's so fresh and such a good deal. Every time I visit the market, I HAVE to buy one. I bought discounted bell peppers too. There were too green and one yellow in the pack. I'm not big on the green ones, but they have a nice crunch. For the next three weeks, I'm going to eat clean, fresh food. My face looks rounder and it's bothering me. My weight always bothers, but I feel pressure, especially now that my sister's wedding is approaching. I am getting nervous and excited. The Observer is going to be groomsmen. He is going to look so handsome in his suit! We are going to be smoking hot......

I wish I could have seen the Observer today. I miss him. He makes any rainy day brighter. I had a good day, but it's always better when I see people I love. Soon I am going to crank up the tunes and have a party for one....I will brush my teeth to the rhythm of the radio.

Good times!


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i miss you more than words can say.