Friday, June 19, 2009

A minute or two...

I'm tired. It's only noon and that isn't a good sign. Do you ever feel off for no reason? I guess we all do. I was feeling hot in my apartment before bed, so I turned on my air conditioning. Once I was in bed under my down filled duvet, I started getting goosebumps. When we are trying to sleep, our body temperature has to be in balance. Now I know how my Mom feels when she suffers from hot flashes. I look at her and feel such empathy. I read somewhere that "getting older is not for sissies." It's true.

Last night I was on my way to the drugstore and ran into the superintendent in my building. She is such a sweet lady. We talked about her children, especially her daughter who is the same age as me. The topic turned to how much the superintendent loves her husband who helps out around the building. They are a beautiful, loving couple. She has met the Observer and we agreed that he is a great guy too. The superintendent advised me to "Be good to each other and keep it light." I trust her opinion. She knows about love.

This morning I saw a young woman wearing dirty clothes with a head full of knotted hair yelling in the middle of a busy street. She was saying, "What the **** is your problem?" I wanted to say, "I don't have one, but you obviously do." I kept quiet. Hopefully she'll be OK.

The ten minute conversation I had with my superintendent brightened my evening. It's those little interactions that help me remember what matters. Perhaps the girl on the street this morning didn't have enough kindness in her life. Who knows what leads up to us falling off the deep end. What I do know is that I need more coffee...

Happy Friday!


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