Friday, June 12, 2009

Out there living...

I am back to my old self. Amen! It's a sunny, warm Friday. I no longer feel trapped to the restroom and secluded from the land of the living. Phew! Good health is such an awesome gift. Freedom to come and go when and where I wish is another blessing.

I spent the day with Mom yesterday. She took me with her to get blood work, to buy supplies for my sister's wedding, and to buy groceries. We did a lot together. I enjoyed being out and about. I think it was a long day for Mom. I hope she knows how I won't forget our time together.

Though I miss my family, I glad to be back home and independent. I went to the St. Lawrence Market and bought myself a fresh fruit cup with melon, strawberries and grapes. I loved every bite. I checked out a bead stand. I liked the jewelry, but not enough to buy anything.

On the way home, a smoky, disheveled guy bumped into me. He looked like a shaky citizen. I was so glad to be out enjoying the sunshine that I asked if he was OK, smiled and kept moving. Life is bumpy, and I'd rather be bumped than letting it pass me by.


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