Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pride and a waffle...

The Observer came to visit me last night. He arrived later than usual because he needed to make a trip home after work. All day I looked forward to seeing him. It's Pride Week in the city and this weekend is the grand finale of all the festivities. I live in the "Gay Village", the city's most accepting and diverse area for people who live alternative lifestyles. My neighbourhood is busy and colourful year round. I've seen many unique looking people in winter, spring, summer and fall. During Pride Week, the city's diversity is showcased. The main street in the village is set up to resemble a carnival. Loud music plays into the wee hours of the night and people crowd the streets. It's fun at first, but after the first night, I am wanting peace.

We didn't venture too far into the hub of Pride Week last night. Since I am around lots of action all the time, the novelty of the crowds isn't there. Lots of Micheal Jackson music filled the streets, a fitting tribute in light of his death. We met lots of people who seemed to have drank a few too many beers. Where there are crowds and lots of people, there is bound to be drunkenness. We saw a guy exposing his assets wearing leather chaps. I had to smile. Though chaps aren't an every day sighting in my neighbourhood, they are wore by confident men in hot weather. Sexual orientation aside, I suppose the saying, "If you've got it, flaunt it" applies.

After catching up at home, the Observer and I went to the mall where he helped me with banking. He's good to me. There is a small, inaccessible waffle store close to the mall. Months ago, the owner sweetly gave us free samples of waffles. I was so touched that I vowed to come back and give the store business. When we passed the store, I bought a chocolate dipped waffle for the Observer. Since we couldn't go inside to order, the man behind the waffle iron had to step down and take my order. A kind lady who was in the waffle line-up helped me get my money and handed it to the waffle man. Though it was a bit challenging to buy the waffle, I wanted to prove to myself that it was possible. The Observer enjoyed his waffle, but said he would order one with strawberries next time. I'm not a big waffle fan, but when faced with barriers like steps, I am driven to somehow overcome them. I'll be damned if anything will keep the Observer or myself from the simple pleasure of trying a waffle store from just as any city goer would. We have rights as humans and one that I take very seriously is the right to enjoy dessert.


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