Saturday, June 20, 2009

Real matters...

I am VERY wet. I picked the worst time to leave my apartment. My clothes are soaked in rain. My hair is wet and I just feel as though I went swimming. Well, it is almost summer, right? It's always more exciting to be out enjoining life than to be stuck inside. I'll dry off...

Yesterday I met the Observer and our friends at the hotel where their wedding reception is going to be hosted. They are a great couple and I'm so excited for their big day. We checked out the room where the reception will take place. It's spacious and classy. The coordinator of the hotel's responsibilities was very positive and accommodating. I don't anticipate our friends having trouble with her.

Later we checked out rooms at the hotel. Our friends will be guests and the Observer and I were offered a special rate. We may take advantage of the deal and have a mini holiday. We need to arrange our attendant care before we can commit to a room though. Getting an "inside look" into the wedding reception was fun. I'm excited for their wedding, but need to get through my sister's wedding first.

Having so many weddings ahead, you'd think I would be thinking about my own wedding someday. A few thoughts do enter my head occasionally, but I just don't feel ready to be a wife. My values about marriage are strong and if it happens, I want it to be the right timing. I love my boyfriend, my relationship with my family and my independence. I'm still learning about myself and how to speak up. I guess I am learning to be OK with me. It's taken growth and I'm not totally where I need to be yet. Getting married is a step that I am far away from. I don't dream of wearing a white dress and seeing my prince at the end of an aisle. It's not a realistic fantasy. Instead I think of building a strong relationship and making the most of every day. Someday maybe I'll be a bride, but for now, I'm focusing on pooping regularly.

After checking out the reception and hotel rooms, we had dinner in a bar attached to the hotel. The Observer treated me to dinner, even though I put up quite the fuss. I love that he is so generous, but never want him to feel as if he is obligated to pay for anything. I was starving. The food was OK. Being so hungry, I would have eaten wood. We were treated to complimentary appetizers which was a pleasant surprise. One starter were chicken quesidellas and the other was a cheesy dip with salty chips. I had most of the chips. I loved them, but I felt like someone poured salt into my mouth. I drank lots of water. My glass fell on the restaurant floor and shattered to pieces. I was very embarrassed. My arms are so clumsy.

While watching for my bus to head back into the city, I stopped by the coffee shop across the road and picked my Dad up a gift card. Tomorrow is Father's Dad. While there I drank a small decaf coffee. I always struggle with my Dad's gift on Father's Day. I KNOW he uses coffee cards, so I think I am safe.

Once home, I got a message saying he had used his key to my apartment and came to fix a piece of my equipment. My Dad rocks. I hope he knows how much I love him, not just tomorrow, but every day...