Wednesday, June 24, 2009

To strips, health, and sunshine...

I am wearing a new stripped shirt today. I like it. I feel good. Being a big fan of colour and clothes with funk, I wear a lot of stripped shirts. I've often heard people say that strips make a person look bigger and wider. Maybe so, but I still like them.

This morning I drank Kleen Prep - that salty, chalky laxative that I mix with diet Kool-Aid. I downed three and a half big glasses, which worked out to a liter and a half. I'm not usually a big drinker, so for me, it felt like a lot of fluid. You'd think after all that liquid, I'd be bursting to pee. Funny, my bladder was no more active than usual. Since I drank a laxative, I guess all the fluid went to work in my belly. This time I didn't have as much trouble choking the stuff down. If I know doing something unpleasant produces the results I want, I guess I am more likely to do it. My attendant was cheering me on. I appreciated that. I wish I could have drank the entire two liters, but maybe next time. The Kleen Prep worked before lunch-time which made me happy. Sweet Lord of Pooh, thank you!

Isn't it a bit sad that my twenty-six-year-old self blogs so frequently about bowel movements? I think so. Just to clarify: I do have friends, a boyfriend, I work odd writing jobs, I read, watch TV and enjoy listening to tunes. My life revolves around more than my bowels and the washroom. Lately however, I have been struggling with new routines, because my old one was leaving me sick and unable to function. Not good. When we don't have our health, nothing else really matters. I'm still learning what works and keeps me on track. Most days I feel good. I am so grateful to be feeling more like my strip-donning self.

I am off to enjoy the sunshine! What's better than that? (Well, maybe a good internel "clean- out!)


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