Saturday, June 06, 2009

Up lives up...

Up is an awesome movie. You probably know that it's a 3D, animated Pixar film. I love animated movies. Call me a big kid. I won't argue. Up is a funny, uplifting, cute film with some sad, real-life issues about aging and loss. Any movie that can make me smile, feel empathy, laugh, and cry deserves a thumps up in my books. Movie goers got funky, dark 3D glasses to wear during the movie. I wear glasses at all times, so I wasn't too up for trading them for the 3D glasses. When the movie started, the screen appeared fuzzy, so I decided to try the 3D glasses over top of my every day glasses. Doubling up worked! The animation was very true to life. It felt like the characters were going to jump out of the movie and right into the theater.

For a kids' movie, Up was filled with obvious humor as well as lots of wit. The human characters broke my heart and made me grin. The animated characters got lots of laughs from the audience. Their "voices" were diverse and edgy. The movie focused on Carl, an elderly man mourning his beloved wife and struggling to come to terms with getting older. He sets out on his lifelong mission to travel by tying ballons to his home. Once in the sky, Carl realizes he's not alone and ends up befrinding a ten year old boy who shows him that it's the simple things in life that matter.

Up had more substance than I thought. Then again, the film was made in 3D, so it's good that it lived up to showing how life has many dimensions. Up will leave you thinking and feeling uplifted. It's a five star experince.


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