Saturday, July 18, 2009

Adventures in the rain...

It's impossible to know what will happen in an evening. I learned this last night. The Observer came to visit me. I was happy to see him as it had been a few days. We chatted and caught up for a bit. I was glad we didn't go out right away. I had a coffee with my dinner and it went through me quickly. Lately, I've been trying to stop drinking coffee after lunch. It's easier to sleep. Yesterday, by around five thirty, I knew I NEEDED another cup or else I would fall asleep. I guess my lack of rest from the night before caught up to me. I had a good strong cup and felt more energetic. Seeing the Observer brightened my mood. He always makes me happy. I felt bad for the Observer because he was having issues with the bathroom himself. When I urgently had to go, I felt guilty as I knew he would do the same if he were able. I compare it to watching another person eat a cookie or a piece of cake when we're on a diet. Sure, everyone has the right, but it sucks when we can't. The Observer understands, but I still felt like it was unfair.

Drizzly rain came as we left to have coffee. I had a craving to go a distance. I usually do and it's not always the right time. Just as we decided to go to our coffee shop that gives us a scenic route, the Observer confessed that he was worried about how his wheelchair would handle the rain. His controller has a habit of dying when it gets wet. My adventurous side reassured him that he would be fine. He was.....most of the way. Just as we were going to cross the street where the coffee shop was, the Observer's wheelchair froze. He panicked. Anyone would. A sweet couple with comforting English accents pushed him to the shop. They were so helpful. Once inside, the gentleman was even going to get us beverages. I said that we were fine and thanked them. Saying goodbye, I said, "Bless you." I only say that when I really appreciate what someone does. They were our angels in the rain.

The Observer calmed down while I ordered our drinks. I ordered a yogurt smoothie for him and a decaf coffee for me. The barista was skilled. She knew how to make a delicious coffee. I asked her for the coffee shop's address. She wasn't certain, but I found it on my receipt. I had a feeling the Observer would need to picked up from there. It's hard to go anywhere with a frozen wheelchair. He called the wheelchair repair company, but the technician just told the Observer he shouldn't be out in the rain and his wheelchair needed to dry out overnight. Nice guy.....not so much.

The Observer was convinced his troubles were due to a loose wire, but it looked intact to me. The coffee server tried to check out what was causing him problems, but there really wasn't much he could do. It's a bit like asking a bystander on the street to drive a garbage truck. Unless you drive one all the time and have special training, you really have no idea how to operate the thing. The bus driver who came to rescue the Observer was friendly. Everyone who we saw last night was helpful, especially the couple who pushed the Observer to the coffee shop. The wheelchair technician was a loser, but we didn't have to see him. The Observer's wheelchair started working when he got off his first bus. The wheelchair technician might have been a loser, but he obviously knows his stuff.

The Observer was worried he would be stranded in the coffee shop. I reassured him that wouldn't happen.The Observer got his pick-up from the coffee shop. At least the transportation system was accommodating. I'm glad I was with him when his wheelchair died. A broken wheelchair any time sucks. Being stranded on the street alone really sucks. On the upside, my coffee was delicious. There was the perfect amount of Splenda and soy milk. Half of it spilled on the floor, but we had bigger issues to think about. I fulfilled my craving for adventure, but it wasn't the kind I was looking for and it was at the Observer's expense. The next time it rains, maybe I'll track down a coffee delivery service. It won't be nearly as exciting, but it's better to have an adventure out of the rain. It's dryer and safer.