Thursday, July 23, 2009

All in one day...

Do you ever feel lost - like you have no energy to go out or do anything productive, even though there is lots you could do? That's how I feel today. I haven't done much. On Thursdays, I always get to sleep in late, so that's a bonus. If I can't sleep on Wednesday nights, I don't stress too much because I know I have extra time the next morning. It's a plus.

While at the library yesterday, a man appeared to have a seizure. I was sitting not too far away, but could only hear trouble. A library patron notified security that the man was rocking back and in his chair and looked as though he was having a heart attack. I could hear him making loud noises to show he was in distress. By the time security got to the man, he was foaming at the mouth. The security guard asked the man if he was alright, but he was convulsing. The man went under the table and stayed on the floor. He regained consciousness by the time paramedics arrived. The man couldn't speak clearly and didn't know his name or whereabouts. He couldn't remember coming to the library. Poor guy...

The paramedics who arrived discovered the man was diabetic. They seem to assume that dips in the man's blood sugar were the source of his troubles. There assumption would seem fair. Paramedics gave the man an intravenous and tested his sugar on the spot. They sounded surprised to learn his blood sugar was normal. They left to take the man to hospital. Hopefully he is alright. It's a blessing the distressed man was in a public place where he could get the right help. At least, he can't remember the actual medical crisis. Recalling such an incident would be scary. Our bodies must somehow know this and that's why our minds take a rest. Our minds and bodies can't deal with too much stimulation.

Rushing home from the library, I heard a male voice call my name. I had to stop. I would be rude to keep moving. I saw my grade eleven law teacher walking with his wife. It's been years since I've seen him. I suppose this is true of many people who are no longer in high school. We caught up on the last six years and he asked about my family. He and his wife live quite close to me. I don't think I'll be invited over for dinner. He's a good guy and his wife seemed lovely, but socializing would be weird. Once I see anyone as an authority figure, it's hard to look at them differently.

I wore a tank top yesterday. I'm not big on showing much skin, but something made me wear my old navy sleeveless top yesterday. The whole time I was talking to my teacher, I kept thinking about my tight, skin hugging top and how my nipples were popping out. I wanted to say, "I don't usually dress this way." The whole embarrassing tank top run in taught me that we should ALWAYS dress in a way that showcases our pride rather than our nipples.

The Observer came over later. I don't usually have such cute visitors during the week, so I was a happy girl. Unfortunately, he was frustrated with his attendant care. I understand. Hopefully he would agree. We looked for a store selling bus tickets but the closest grocery store stops selling them past afternoon hours. I went to the next grocery store that sells tickets, but they were out. I bought lettuce and an apple. Leaving without any purchase felt strange and who doesn't need lettuce and an apple, right? Red leaf lettuce was on sale for ninety nine cents per small head. The leaves are a bit wilted, so that's probably why. I have to eat the lettuce quickly, but I don't mind. It's healthy.

We ended the night at Starbucks. My decaf Americano coffee with soy milk was delicious. In retrospect, today might been boring but yesterday had enough action for two days. Every day is different and that's good.