Thursday, July 02, 2009

Canada Day...

Canada Day fell in the middle of the week. I liked the way it spilt the week in half. People who work regular jobs might not have shared my feeling. A mid-week holiday makes it hard to celebrate by going away unless one takes the whole week off. Yesterday the Observer came to see me. We went to our favourite Italian restaurant called Hot House. Going there has become a regular summer time tradition. The trip there gives us a chance to enjoy being outside. We were both starving. Hot House had a buffet, but we stuck with the regular menu. The Observer said he would have liked to opt for the buffet. The choices looked delicious, but I'm the type of girl who enjoys a sit-down dinner. The Observer started with an anti-pasto platter. He shared his flat breads and a chewy leek with me. Leeks remind me of onions.

I pigged out on bread and ordered my usual salad with shrimp. It took me forever to eat. The Observer finished his chocolate cake while I was still working on my salad. I'm a super slow eater, but I do love my food. Hot House was packed. We sat close to a table that was celebrating a birthday. Everyone looked like they were having fun. We left right before a live jazz band started playing. On our way home, we stopped at a coffee shop. The Observer had a stomach ache. Our barista was very helpful. My coffee always tastes better when it's served by someone kind and friendly. I hope the Observer enjoyed his smoothie as much as he could with his sore stomach.

We were disappointed that the Observer had to catch his bus home before the fireworks started. When we got home, I told him to wait in the lobby while I got him an address he needed. Once in my apartment, I got the address and quickly swallowed my pills. As I pushed the elevator button, the fire alarm went off disabling the elevator and preventing me from saying goodbye to the Observer. He called to say he got on his bus. I noticed the Observer forget his hat. I'll see him in one more day, so he's not worried.

July started on a good note. Once my sister's wedding is over, I won't know what else to think about. The big day will be come and gone before we all know it. I suppose that's all the more reason to enjoy the day when it finally arrives.


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