Friday, July 24, 2009

Family and food nourishment...

Today is a bit cool outside. It's probably the wind that makes it feel breezy. I'm feeling a bit under the weather. My stomach is giving me problems. It's behaving very unpredictably. My attendants have all been understanding. I'm lucky. They must realize that my stomach problems aren't my fault. For the last little while, my stomach has been pretty good, so I guess I can't complain. Tomorrow will be better.

I went to the St. Lawrence Market this morning. I debated over going as there was light rain, but I knew Mom and Dad needed bread and bagels. I was hungry, so I bought myself a fresh fruit cup and ate it off my lap. While chowing down, a tenant in my building stopped and said hello. I was concentrating so hard on balancing my fruit that it took me a minute to recognize her. After stunned silence from me, she asked how I was. On a more relaxed day, I would be more chatty. Stress causes lack of friendliness - for me at least. Hopefully I'll see her again when I'm more at ease. The man who sold it to me got me a fork. He knows the fruit cup is my regular purchase. The bread bakery is on the basement floor and is always crowded. In a rush, I decided to go to my second favourite bakery on the main floor. I got my parents loaves of muesli and caraway rye bread. Mom asked for cranberry but hopefully she won't mind. I got the usual dozen bagels from St. Urbain bakery. The girl at the counter asked how I was. Being so stressed, I almost forgot to answer. I did and asked her the same. St. Urbain bakery has top notch service. Maybe that's why it's my weekly ritual to visit there. I like how people remember me.

I slept well last night. I can't remember what I watched on TV, so I must have fallen asleep quickly. At around ten 'o clock, I thought about going to Starbucks and having a decaf coffee with soy milk, but settled on raspberry herbal tea. It was good, but not as good as coffee would have been. Sometimes not giving myself something that I want is good. I like to treat myself, but not too much.

Lately I've been craving zucchini, so I bought some today. I'm looking forward to it. Zucchini reminds me of a fat cucumber, except it has more flavour. Zucchini seems to be in season. I see it in stores a lot right now. Seeing something often makes me crave it. Actually, NOT seeing something or someone for a while causes a craving too. It's been two weeks since I've been home. I'm missing my family. I'll see them in a few days. Craving their company is not quite the same as craving zucchini. When the need for zucchini strikes, it's easy to head to the store and buy some. Seeing my family is more complex, but much more gratifying than any green vegetable. Both are good for health and the soul, but unlike zucchini, my family's benefit goes directly to my heart.


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i'm sorry you had a bad day.