Monday, July 20, 2009

A fun weekend....

I'm thinking about the past weekend. I had fun. The Observer and I went to a Stag and Doe for friends who are getting married on September 5. We didn't know many people and we're not big on games, gambling or other money making ventures, but it was all about supporting the bride and groom. Most of the crowd was older and family of our friends. They were sweet. The bride to be has great friends. I click well with them all, so I enjoyed catching up with them. Being around like minded people is always a bonus. The Observer was shy, so I was happy to keep him company. He forked out some cash for his friends. He's a groomsman on their big day. He's going to look sharp. I liked seeing my friends' parents. They are just as amazing as my own. Taxi drivers who regularly transport our engaged friends showed up to support their marriage. To me, this says a lot about the kind of people our friends are and even more about the taxi drivers. Kindness attracts kindness.

Yesterday the Observer came to see me. Again, like on Friday, our plan was to see a movie. By mid-afternoon, I was hungry for dinner. When I'm hungry, I really can't focus on a movie. The Observer knows this, so we stopped for sandwiches. Of course, I was chatty, so our quick bite wasn't so quick. There weren't any movies I really wanted to see. Why see a movie just for the sake of seeing one? Being the movie lover he is, I know the Observer would see a movie anytime, but when he is around, I like to spend time catching up. We couldn't think of what to do with ourselves, so we spent an hour people watching. We saw people crowding around police officers on horse back. Everyone was taking pictures, patting the horses and chatting. Horses draw a crowd. They are beautiful and well trained. Since my Dad worked down-town as an policemen training riders for a long time, I often want to ask the officers if they know my Dad. In any crowd, I become very shy and there is always a crowd around the horses. I wanted the Observer to ask if the officers knew Dad but he got shy too. I don't blame him.

We went exploring for a Casey's restaurant. I know there is one close to Union Station, but I've never been able to find it. That's my goal. Casey's has delicious, gooey, icing covered chocolate cake. It's sweet tooth approved. We couldn't find the restaurant and time was ticking, so we opted on the nearest Starbucks. It's the biggest one I've seen with plenty of tables and space. I was super sleepy, so I had a regular caffeine loaded cup with soy milk. It was tasty. The Observer's moca frappicuno wasn't double blended, but they fixed his beverage and he was a happy slurpper.

After saying goodbye to the Observer, I decided to hit the sack early. Exhausted and knowing I needed to wake up early for an appointment, I figured the extra sleep would do me good. I watched parts of a cheesy movie on the Women's Television Network and saw Without A Trace. It's usually too scary to watch before bed, but I was so tired I didn't care. Waking up early this morning was quiet and relaxing. I had a leisurely breakfast, brushed my teeth and exercised while watching a taped documentary called Music and The Brain. It's my second time watching it, but it's interesting.

Mom met me halfway to my appointment. She picked up bread and bagels and my laundry. It was a short visit and I miss her. I need to go home soon. I am craving my family. All of my bus trips went smoothly today, which is always a plus. The Observer was able to get a last minute trip and we met me for dinner. I was happy he got a ride. I missed him. We had time to kill, so we took a scenic route to Moxie's Restaurant. The place is a bit swanky and classy. Since it's a bit hidden from a highway, it's never crowded. The Observer started with naan bread and I had lemon wedges. His entree was pasta with chicken and mine was cheese pizza. I enjoyed the pizza, especially since it was the perfect size. The Observer shared his garlic bread. For dessert I had a scope of ice cream with chocolate sauce. The dinner was good, but I am sad that we didn't have time for coffee. I really can't complain because at least the Observer and I got to see each other. Bonus time with someone I love beats any coffee.


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