Monday, July 06, 2009

A happier guy...

I ate a purple sweet potato today. I didn't even know those existed. The skin was a deep purple and the flesh was white. I bought the sweet potato because it was pretty. Honestly, I didn't know what it was when I picked it up at the market. Feeling adventurous, I thought I'd give it a try. The flesh was starchy, which told me it was a potato I was chowing on. I'll try most foods, except lamb or gamy meats. The thought of noshing on squirrel, horse, deer, dog or ox makes makes me squeamish. If I see a purple sweet potato again, I'm going to buy it. I want to buy fennel next. I've tasted it at the Observer's house and it reminds me of licorice. I want to learn what foods pair well with fennel. I've seen lots of fennel salads made on the food network. Pretty much anything can be made into a salad.

It's sunny today. There is a breeze which keeps outside from being too warm. On my way home from the grocery store, there was an elderly man in a wheelchair who looked like he was struggling with a younger guy. Both seemed to pulling at a cell phone. I hope the younger guy wasn't stealing the old man's cell phone.

I met the Observer for dinner yesterday. He was back to his usual, happy self. We went to the same chain restaurant where we had the horribly awkward dinner the day before but it was in a different location. The Observer was in very different spirits too. He was talking and enjoying nachos - his favourite pub food. Seeing the Observer back to his fun-loving self was a big relief. My behaviour wasn't very compassionate and know the Observer knows to tell me what is on his mind. We will have other struggles, but I learned something from our latest. Sometimes I need to let things roll off my back. The Observer is great at rolling along with life. I admire his easy-going approach and think he is entitled to get upset now and then.

After dinner, we went to a coffee pub that we used to think wasn't wheelchair accessible. After some exploring, we discovered a way in though the back door. I was pleased with our innovation. Nothing should stand in the way of going to a good coffee shop. I didn't have coffee there, but the thrill of getting inside the pub was as good as any coffee buzz.


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