Monday, July 27, 2009


We had a weekend of rain. There was a small flood in my apartment. I'm glad it wasn't a big one. I'm glad I was home to realize there was a problem. The weekend superintendent came to check out the damage. He's young and helpful. There wasn't much he could do, but at least he cared.

I saw The Proposal with the Observer. It was our second attempt. I had to leave the theater the first time because my bladder was bursting. Unfortunately, my bladder was full this time around too, but I was able to sit through the movie. It was cute, sweet and predictable. Betty White was funny. Needing to pee, I arranged for my bus to come and get me early. I was glad they could be so accommodating, but was sad to leave the Observer. He understood. When we've got to pee, nothing else matters. My family had a small dinner. My brother's chatty girlfriend kept my ears active. I like how she is herself without having to prove anything. She's good for my brother. There were a few moments when I almost choked because I was laughing so hard. Mom showed me pictures from my sister's wedding. They were beautiful.

My sister is on her honeymoon doing a walking tour of Spain. It's not your typical honeymoon, but my sister isn't your typical bride. The trip is meant for walking, reflecting and sightseeing. My sister called last night to say herself and her husband are well. A walking tour sounds like it would be interesting, but maybe I think so because I've never walked. If we've never experienced something, sometimes our fantasy is better than reality. I don't think this is a bad thing. Imaginations keep hope alive. Movies tap into our imaginations and make us forget about the rain or the fact that we have to pee - for a little while anyway.




your mom fwrd. an e-mail sounds like there having a blast.


glad you like the movie