Friday, July 17, 2009

Rainy or not, it's Friday!

Today is a dreary Friday. It's going to rain. I can feel it in the air. Rain on a Friday feels more tolerable than rain any other day of the week. I think weekends are a good thing no matter what the weather. I'm not as energetic as I would like to be. My sleep last night was alright. Oddly, I was hot under my covers. Normally I am cold. It's good that our bodies surprise us, because we get reminded that it's impossible to become too certain of anything in life. I watched little tidbits of shows. I can't remember exactly what I watched, but I did see Ace Of Cakes where Charm City Cakes made an elaborate cake for the premier of Harry Potter. Daniel Radcliff complimented the cake designers, which I thought was cool.

At ten o'clock last night, I felt like eating vegetables. I ventured to Rabba and bought lettuce, zucchini and cucumbers. The zucchini is yummy and made a crunchy late night snack. The lettuce is a bit wilted. Now I know why it was on sale. Like the previous evening, I got worried because I hadn't heard from Mom and Dad. I called once and left a message. After an hour, I tried again. This time my sister-in-law picked up. My Grandpa is staying at a respite home while my Grandma is away. His legs swelled and the respite home got worried and called my parents. They picked him up and took him to the hospital where he had test. The hospital was going to admit Grandpa but prescribed him water pills instead. I think the leg swelling was due to Grandpa's heart condition. I'm glad the hospital didn't keep him. Grandpa needs care around the clock and my parents would have had to stay with him. I know they wouldn't have minded, but it would have been a lot of stress on everyone, especially Grandpa who has trouble understanding where he is on an ordinary day.

Talking to Mom this morning, she sounded tired. Her and Dad got home at one 'o clock in the morning and she is working this afternoon. She will be one tired nurse tonight. As I often do on Fridays, I picked up bagels and bread from the St. Lawrence Market for Mom and Dad. The people at the bread bakery said they missed me last Friday. I was home for my sister's wedding. The fact that store merchants remember me makes me happy. Just having bread and bagels in my freezer for Mom and Dad makes me happy too. Every time I see the loaves and bagels, I'll think of Mom and Dad. Hopefully I'll see my parents soon. If they happen to drop by, I have something to give them.


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