Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sunshine and rain...

If most of our day is good, we are lucky, aren't we? Tuesday was ninety per cent enjoyable. My attendant in the morning made me a yummy, hot breakfast and my coffee was the best I had all week. I went to the library and just missed the rain. Luck was on my side. I stopped in at home for a quick lunch and pit stop. My all-time favourite attendant is back from a year of maternity leave. Seeing her made my day. She remembers my routine perfectly and is right back to tip-top shop. I am impressed, but not surprised. I respect that she takes such good care of herself. I loved hearing an update on her family and new baby. Rushing to catch a taxi, we said we'd catch up later.

The driver who took me to Sherway mall to meet the Observer was friendly. He asked how I was twice, a sign of courtesy. The Observer treated me to coffee, even though I objected. When I got to the mall, I was pretty tired, but my spirits lifted as soon as I had my coffee. It's a magical beverage. We talked for a bit. It felt good to get some feelings off my chest. The Observer is patient and understanding. Most days I complain about the same things - my sore stomach, my weight or my attendants. He listens. I had a yummy salad with sunflower seeds. The woman I bought it from was sweet and helpful. I'll go back because of her.

The sun was out by the time the Observer and I left the mall. Our buses showed up at the same time. My bus driver was prompt and got me home early. I had a snack and picked up with the same attendant where we left off earlier. If I had to see the same person twice in one day, I'm glad it was her.

As the evening wore on, my stomach started giving me trouble. Thankfully I had scheduled personal care just in time, but the attendant complained about having to help me. It's her job! I was mad, but felt better after venting to the Observer. He gets my feelings because he deals with similar challenges. Once in my bed, I had bad cramps. I couldn't sleep. The grumpy attendant didn't complain, but she wasn't very compassionate. Whatever....two out of three of my attendants were good.

Today it's been gray, rainy, and dreary. My stomach is fine. The repairman came to fix my refrigerator. He said it was a simple problem. He was pleasant. I'm glad my refrigerator will work. Now, all my food won't freeze. Dad called to check in and tell me that my grandfather was taken to hospital by ambulance with a sore back. He probably needs strong medication. I hope Grandpa will be alright.

So, things are pretty good, but not perfect. That's life though, right? It's been a summer of rain and sunshine, which is how I think of today. We need a little darkness to appreciate the light, don't we?


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