Wednesday, July 22, 2009

That's it. That's all...

The air is sticky today. Outside is warming up. Do you ever hear people say, "That's it. That's all?" I just heard someone on the street use this phrase. It's like using two of the same words. This works when we really want to make a point I guess. "That's it. That's all" must mean something is definitely over. No question.

One of my favourite Canadian documentaries was rebroadcasted last night. I saw A Short Life Captured in December and didn't forget how powerful and emotional it was. A filmmaker follows families of infants who are so sick, premature or brain damaged that they aren't expected to survive. A photographer takes pictures of families with their dying babies. The pictures serve as a reminder of the child, but are also meant to help families heal. Listening to different stories of families who have lost babies is heartbreaking, but seeing the beautiful photos was captivating. Photographers discussed, how in the past, the death of an infant was considered a taboo topic. The loss of a little life was too sad to talk about. Now, we are more receptive to being open about pain. I think the more honest we can be about our feelings the better.

I fell asleep before the show was over. Maybe my mind knew that I had already seen the documentary, so it was okay to fall asleep. I saw enough of A Short Life Captured to appreciate human life, even though it can be short. The babies I saw were beautiful. Every baby is a gift from God.

For the last few days I have been a little grumpy. My attendants have been getting on my nerves. It's nothing they are doing; it's me. I need to snap out of it, laugh and be happy. My grumpiness is ruining perfectly good days and must end now. That's it. That's all.


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