Thursday, July 30, 2009

Waiting on a new day...

You know that sad, dark, empty feeling that can come over you at any point for absolutely no reason? I had sadness wash over me last night. My heart felt heavy, my mind empty and my soul very dark. Finding the energy to smile felt like a very big chore. Talking to my parents and hearing updates on my grandfather worried me. He's still in hospital and they are waiting for test results. Mom says that Grandpa keeps pulling out his intravenous and won't let doctors draw blood. He doesn't understand. I don't blame him for being upset. Grandpa is in pain and we all feel miserable when we hurt.

I quickly met the Observer and his friend yesterday at a Tim Hortons. Since they don't often see each other, I thought it was important that the Observer and his friend have some male bonding time. Since the Observer was so close to my apartment. I had to see him. It would be wrong if I didn't. I only stayed at Tim Hortons for a short while. I was there long enough to say hello, see how the Observer looked in the latest shirt (pretty darn cute, I've got to say!) and give the Observer a quick goodbye kiss.

In gloomy spirits, I don't think I was very good company. The guys were having fun though. At the risk of sounding like a coffee snob, I have to admit that I prefer Starbucks coffee over Tim Hortons nowadays. After routinely having Starbucks, my coffee palate has become discerning. I didn't have coffee with the guys last night. If it's not the very best, what's the point? That said, when I really need coffee, any kind will do. To me, Starbucks coffee is to Tim Hortons coffee as a Kobe beef hamburger is to a MacDonald's hamburger. They are both classed as the same thing, but are in different leagues when it comes to quality.

Anxious to get home and hear news about my grandfather, I left the guys quickly. I talked to Dad, but he couldn't say much. It's a waiting game until Grandpa's tests come back. Having made lunch plans with a family friend for today, I wanted to give her a heads up that I would meet her at the restaurant and that Mom wouldn't be coming. I lost my friend's number. Her last name is "Williams" and I tried to find it but there are a thousand people who share her name listed in the phonebook. I called information and looked it up in the phonebook with no success.

Feeling upset and worried, I started thinking about how my jeans were tight and that I needed to lose weight. When I'm upset, that's where my head goes. It's how I cope. The Observer called. Hearing his voice made me feel so much better. He brought me out of my mood and back to life. I feel so lucky to have him. The Observer e-mailed my friend for me and modified our plans. He was a huge help. *Thank you Observer for being my e-mailing assistant and more important, for helping lift my spirits out of the clouds and back to the land of living.* We should all be so blessed.

Today was sunny and warm. I was worried my friend didn't get the e-mailing changing our plans. This morning I called the Observer and interrupted his booking. I called twice and probably drove him crazy. He's too sweet to say so. Upon checking my e-mail for me, the Observer found a reply from my friend confirming our plans. I was relief. I am calmed by set plans. I saw my favourite attendant and she started my day on a happy note. Before meeting my friend, I stopped at a store and a woman in a wheelchair was trying to barter the price of a mango. Worried I would be late for our lunch, I wanted to say,"For goodness sake's woman, just pay for the fruit. This isn't a pawn shop or auction!" I stayed quiet.

Lunch was fun. My family friend is very special. Seeing her is a breath of fresh air. Being Mom's age, she is wise and a wonderful role model. We caught up seated in a slightly swanky Italian restaurant. People watching and eating grilled salmon over Greek salad made for an excellent start to my afternoon. Thanking my friend for lunch, I made my way to the drugstore where I bought exfoliated wash and cinnamon gum. The cashier was helpful.

My next stop was the St. Lawrence Market. I browsed a stand selling hand made baby clothes. The woman was friendly and I told her I would be back. Inside the market, I browsed more stands, but wanted to give her business. The woman's sweetness won me over. Needing top quality coffee, I bought a coffee that was made from a blend from Peru. It hit the spot. I went back to the market and bought a gift from the stand I had my eye on. The woman thanked me for returning. I smiled. Good people do good business.

My face feels fresh after being exfoliated. After feeling so down last night, I am glad today was so pleasant. My favourite saying is, "Everything passes." One day can be totally different than the previous. We just have to wait it out.


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