Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Wandering, pondering, recognizing, and liking...

I've been a wanderer today. First I went to the grocery store. My mission was to buy TTC tokens. They were sold out. I pondered over what to buy. I pondered between cherries, cucumbers, apples, yogurt or watermelon. I went with yogurt and watermelon. I ate them both for lunch. I went to the St. Lawerence Market and bought red leaf lettuce. I always wonder around there. Every day at the market is a bit different - or maybe the more I go, the more I see. I was going to buy Mom some kitchen accessories, but decided to hold off. I have a lot to bring home when I leave for my sister's wedding tomorrow. There will be other times where I will have more space to bring Mom gifts. Sometimes I think I go to the market to observe instead of buy. I see so many interesting and unusual things and rarely buy more than one item. It's usually something boring like lettuce or fruit, but it's still a fun trip.

After the market, I went to Union Station to get a GO bus schedule. My attendant who is helping me on my sister's wedding day needs a schedule to decide her route. I don't know where exactly she is coming from, so I picked up a schedule for every route. When in doubt, pick every possible choice. I bought two lemon biscotti cookies. I love dipping biscotti in coffee, but I'm trying to stop drinking coffee after lunch. I sleep better. I tried to buy TTC tokens at Union Station but I thought it would be easier to buy from a store since the employee would have more time to slip them in my token purse.

I was a bit hungry again so I bought a vegetarian Jamaican patty. It was filled with corn, tomatoes and spices. I liked it, but I don't think it was very healthy. Anything with a pastry coating is usually not nutritious. I like the vegetarian better than the beef. It's too bad vegetarian Jamaican patties are so hard to find. I was full and my stomach rolled. Nature called.

On the way home, I saw the Observer's cousin. Out of his big family. she's one of my favourite people. His cousin is quiet but has a determination about her that is endearing. When she listens, I know she is genuinely interested. We only talked for a few minutes, but it was great to see her. Living downtown rarely affords the space or time to run into people I know. When I do see someone I know, I am reminded that I have connections with people around me. I am glad to be able to say so. Even better than simply running into someone I recognize is running into someone I both know AND like. When that happens, I am grateful. It's a small world, but not TOO small.


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