Thursday, July 09, 2009

Wedding countdown...

Today is sunny and beautiful. The sun is still out. The day isn't over yet. I had very little sleep last night. Without thinking, I drank pop at around eight 'o'clock and was up until five o' clock. Thankfully I got to sleep in until ten 'o'clock. I got lucky. Most days, I get up earlier. I'm glad I didn't have to be at a meeting or catch a bus. I watched a lot of TV but couldn't recall exactly what shows in the morning. My mind was fuzzy. I remembered watching a show on women who didn't know they were pregnant. They seemed a bit off in their interviews or maybe really out of touch with their bodies. Next was a show on obese women giving birth. It made me sad to think that their lives were so complicated. All the women featured delivered healthy babies. For the rest of the night I watched parts of the news and sitcoms.

This morning was low-key. I talked to Mom and the Observer. I ate a salad for lunch and got my stuff packed to head home for my sister's wedding. I bought a pink lady apple from the grocery store. It was my first pink lady and I enjoyed it. The name makes me smile. I went to a top-notch grocery store that is a bit far from my apartment. I wanted to take advantage of the sunshine. The grocery store has a funky upstairs sitting area. I like the way the sun shines through the window.

I can't believe my sister's wedding is only two days away.....crazy! It will be here whether we are ready or not. I'm worried about my dress not fitting. My jeans are tight, which isn't a good sign, but we'll deal with whatever happens. My sister is getting married and nothing will spoil that.


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