Thursday, August 27, 2009

A change of temperature and heart...

My broken retainer wire is broken no more. I am feeling much better. Sometimes it's best to stick with professionals we know. Thankfully I didn't have to learn the hard way that I really had to pee. While I waited to catch my bus, I bought almond flavoured coffee and ordered it with a bit of soy milk. My coffee was yummy and it obviously went through me quickly. My bus driver who drove me to my parents was one of my favourites. We always have good talks. He's a dog lover and most of those are kind people. The driver kept chatting to me and I noticed myself starting to sweat and that my heart was beating faster. My bladder was going to burst. I was extra happy to make it home I swear that I urinated for five straight minutes. Was that too much information for you? Sorry, but I was pretty proud of myself for making it to the toilet. In my life, such news is blog worthy, even though it is personal.

As soon as I sat back in the dentist chair, I started to sweat and feel queasy. There's just something about being in that chair that makes me nervous. I trust the dentist, but I still don't like that chair. She fixed my lose wire quickly. All it needed was a little glue. Such a simple solution could still be a big issue. The dentist showed me pictures of her baby son. As sweet as my dentist is, I wanted to leave her office quickly. Sometimes it's not who people are - it's what they do.

Mom made a yummy dinner of roast chicken, couscous, beets and green beans. We watched So You Think You Can Dance until it was time for me to meet the Observer for coffee. I dropped my book called Change Of Heart while crossing the road twice. I have been lugging that thing everywhere I go for months and haven't made it past page ten. When it fell the second time, I knew I wasn't meant to read it. Maybe it's no coincidence that the book is called Change Of Heart. The air was chilly and reminded me of fall. Both my coffee and companion warmed me up. Sometimes it's not the temperate outside that makes me happy - it's who I am with.