Monday, August 10, 2009

A double feature weekend...

The air is sticky and humid. Summer finally arrived. August is pretty well half-way over, so it's about time. Sleep decided to visit my room, which made me happy. The whole world looks brighter after a good rest. I visited a friend for a bit on Saturday night. The conversation and company was a good distraction from my tiredness. I didn't really feel like going, but was glad I did. Sometimes pushing myself is best. I started watching the movie Lady For A Day, but had the chance to go to bed early, so I took it. The movie was made in 1930 and is about an alcoholic woman who is ashamed that she makes a living selling apples. She hides her sad life from her daughter pretending she lives a lavish life at a hotel and is married to a rich man. Her daughter gets engaged and comes to visit. The town bands together and gives the woman a make-over while treating her as a person of distinction.

Yesterday the Observer came to see me. It rained in the morning and cleared by afternoon. I was happy because we tried out an old movie theater. It wasn't the most wheelchair accessible, but we found our way. I saw the experience as an adventure. We saw the movie Julie and Julia. I loved it. The Observer saw the movie twice this weekend, so that should tell you something. It's about a thirty-something insurance employee who begins blogging about cooking Julia Child's recipes. It's funny, sweet and makes one appreciate both the professional and average cook. On a more philosophical level, Julie And Julia shows how cooking can be both creative and safe when life is uncertain. Food is essential, but it can be made and consumed in so many different ways. The movie reminded me how blogging is purposeful and a form of expression - just like cooking. Julia Child is played by Meryl Streep. Her character is lovable, real and hilarious. Her struggles to prove herself made me appreciate how hard chefs must work to make it. The food in the movie made me hungry.

We went to a nearby Irish Pub for supper. I had salad with salsa and the Observer had chicken pot pie. Once we were in Starbucks, the skies opened up. We waited until the cleared, so the Observer's wheelchair wouldn't stop working. Thankfully, we made it home OK. I finished watching the DVD Lady For A Day. Lady For A Day was heartwarming. I got hungry halfway through the movie and ate half a turkey dinner and crackers. Maybe I was subconsciously thinking of all the cooking in Julie And Julia.