Sunday, August 16, 2009

Home to those I love....

I am exhausted tonight. I am on my way home from visiting my parents. It's been so long since I have seen them. I got there around noon and stayed until just before ten o'clock. Spending the day with Mom and Dad was extra special, because I was the only "kid" visiting. After lunch, we visited my grandparents. Grandpa is doing OK, but has regressed back to childhood. He was talking to a stuffed animal and his spoon. I am a bit sad for Grandpa, but at least he is happy. Eating takes Grandpa a long time. He gets so easily distracted and prefers being fed. Hopefully he'll start feeding himself soon. He's still recovering from his stay in hospital. Grandma made me some tea and pour it into a special mug that forms the tea into a heart shape right to the last drop. I loved the mug. Grandma always has the neatest things. I am glad I saw my grandparents. Grandpa was smiling, so that made me happy. As long as he is still smiling, I know Grandpa is in there....somewhere.