Friday, August 07, 2009

How did we get here???

It's a beautiful, sunny Friday. Fridays are always good, but sunny weather makes them even better. My attendant this morning was very talkative. She's friendly, helpful and knows her job, so I suppose that's what counts. Our conversation got very philosophical. My attendant was explaining all about evolution and how we came to be. Since I hadn't had coffee yet, the whole subject was a bit heavy for me. I was thinking, "Please, just hurry up! I need my coffee and I'm not really listening to you. My brain is still asleep." I didn't say that. I pretended to listen when I really needed the toilet and was daydreaming of strong, dark, caffeine infused coffee. I LOVE the Starbucks blend the Observer got me. I think my body has grown accustomed to it.

My attendant was discussing some weird matters. She said she thinks humans originated from water. We're all entitled to our opinion. I told her that I don't really have one yet. I do believe in a higher power. Science can't explain everything in life. I wouldn't want it to either. Who wants to know all the answers? What would be the purpose of being here if we had no mystery? I need to have faith. I need to believe that someone is watching over me when I feel lost and alone. I need to know someone has my back when I'm sleeping and is waiting for me when it's my time to leave earth. Perhaps I sound spiritual, but I'm OK with that. I don't go to church, so I wouldn't call myself religious. I think religion grounds some people. Maybe someday I will join a church. Belonging to a community serves an important purpose. That said, I believe in free will and freedom of choice. A churchgoer ought to feel safe to form his or her own beliefs.

Science has a place in how we got here....It's everywhere. Living is a process and we follow patterns. Maybe science helped us sort out these patterns. Studying provides us with answers and a drive to learn. That has value. Part of me thinks that spirituality picks up where religion ends off and vice versa. We need knowledge and a belief in something bigger than we are. Finding that balance isn't easy, but maybe we aren't meant to reach a goal or come up with a final answer. Perhaps we are here to enjoy life.

My attendant told me she would love to be a genius. I don't share this desire. Intelligence is mostly developed rather than acquired. Sure, there are people who are born naturally smart, but don't most of us acquire knowledge through life experience? Isn't there joy in learning from others? My opinion is that it would awfully lonely at the top of the tower of knowledge. It's not as though there is an option of downgrading. Is it humanly possible to know everything? My attendant says no. Still though, I believe there is peace in living life simply and existing neutrally. The middle ground is safe and full of the most people. Why would anyone choose to be the exception? Being human automatically gives us similarities to one and other and isn't that beautiful.

I was confused after our talk. The peace was comforting after my attendant left. Our talk did get me thinking. I am writing about it after all. I enjoy deep conversations, but not before I have answered the call of nature or had my coffee. I am human and so are you. You must know what I mean and that makes me feel understood. Who really knows how we got here and does it REALLY matter?


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