Thursday, August 20, 2009

Indecisive with a funky hair-do...

I have to be the most indecisive girl on the planet. At the mall with the Observer last night, my mind kept switching between having a spinach mushroom salad with sunflower seeds and croutons or vanilla frozen yogurt. In the line up for frozen yogurt, I told the Observer that I would be right back. On my way to get a salad, I changed my mind again. Sometimes frozen yogurt is best when eaten with a loved one or friend. It was an opportunity I couldn't resist. I'm glad I decided on frozen yogurt. It was yummy and refreshing. Seeing the Observer made for a great evening. I made a mistake booking my bus ride and was late arriving. Not only am I indecisive, I can scatter brained too. The Observer was a bit down, but he brightened up after we ate. Maybe we both needed food. I was craving my third coffee of the day. I felt over-indulgent because earlier yesterday, I bought myself an iced coffee from Coffee Time. It was just the cool, refreshing, pick-me-up I needed. The store had a step but kind strangers helped me get in and out. Well, going back to last night, the Observer bought me a decaf coffee. I drank it slowly and some spilled on my pants. Oh well, I can't think of a sweeter natural perfume.

Sleeping proved to be challenging last night, but I saw some good stuff on TV. There was a documentary about when lightening strikes. I learned that a bolt of lightening can hit us without warning. Scary, isn't it? I watched The Next Food Network Star, Frasier, Property Virgins and Opening Soon. I think those were the same shows I watched last Wednesday night. The girl who was voted off The Next Food Network Star was skilled and personable, but focused too much on her Korean heritage. There is a mother of four who does French cooking who I am rooting for. If she wins, she'll get her own show on Food Network. I would watch her.

Being that I am so indecisive, would you be surprised to know that I didn't know what to do with myself today? This morning I kept telling myself that I should go outside, but I never made it. Instead, I ate a leisurely breakfast of whole wheat toast, prunes and coffee. I was hungry. Maybe it's because I got up late. The attendant I had this morning likes to style my hair in funky ways. She gave me a big braid at the side of my head. It's very different. All day, I kept looking in the mirror thinking, "Is that really me with the funky hairdo?" I'm not sure if my family or the Observer would like it. If I have to ask myself this, the answer is probably no. I haven't seen any family members or friends today. If I did run into them, they would have to do a double take just to make sure it's really me.

This afternoon I bought bus tokens and tried a free sample of spicy sausage from the grocery store. I liked it, but not enough to buy and make at home. Just after four ' o'clock, I saw a sign with the word "espresso" at Tim Hortons. It's the only store in the chain that carries espresso. It's fancier than every day coffee. Seeing the sign compelled me to order a double short. If it's not a double, why bother? It was quite good and much cheaper than espresso at Starbucks. Sometimes pricier isn't better.

A rainstorm is passing through. There is thunder and lightening. I'm inside feeling dry, safe and content. My hair may get wet. It's alright. I already look a bit strange, what's a little rain water?


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