Friday, August 14, 2009

Salt, sun, sprinkles, and solo singing....

We went to Boston Pizza last night. I don't go there often. It was alright. The Observer and I shared a garlic bread starter. It tasted like pita bread brushed in garlic butter. He had pizza and I had salad with chicken with a piece of garlic toast. Our waitress was sweet. She kept asking if we needed help with anything. When I asked for garlic toast, she said, "We don't give away anything for free here. I'm going to have to charge you a dollar." I smiled and said, "No problem." I didn't think the garlic bread would be free.

After dinner we had time to kill, so we went to the bar inside the hotel where our buses come. I asked for a diet coke, but could tell it was a regular. It wasn't fakely sweet like diet coke often is. I drank it anyways. I ate lots of honey roasted beer nuts. My body must have been craving salt. They were good. The Observer had rum and coke. Both of our drinks were overpriced. I do feel guilty that I consumed so much junk, but today is a new day.

On the way home, my bus driver picked up a passenger who I haven't seen in ages. In her mid fifties, she spends three or four nights a week at a karaoke bar. She's been going for years. The bus driver told me that that is the only time she goes out. The staff treat her well and she enjoys singing. I guess that's what matters. It's a bit sad. We all need friends and social activities. While the woman enjoys singing, it's too bad she doesn't go to the karaoke bar with friends. She's sweet and simple. There is an innocence about her that warms my heart. She'll say exactly what she's thinking. Maybe I'll ask her if she wants to meet for karaoke one day. I can't sing, but I can be a good friend.

The Observer is away in Montreal. He called to say he arrived safely. Unfortunately, I missed his call as I was at the drugstore. I had to laugh. Last night I asked the Observer if it cost him anything if I were to call him on his cell phone. He told me to text him instead. Texts are free from anywhere. Teasing, I pointed out that, four years ago, he used to call me while away. My, how things change. Saying good, I said, "Bye cheapie." The Observer must have felt bad, because he's called twice already. Hopefully the trip there with his parents was good. It's a six hour drive. I texted him back, so hopefully he knows that he doesn't have to keep calling.

Today is beautiful outside. It's sunny, warm and summer-like. On the street, I felt wetness sprinkle my face. Stopping to wipe it, a pan handler said, "Hi Beautiful" just as I skidded to a halt. I think he thought his compliment made me stop in my tracks. I am a bit lonely. I miss the Observer. I am going to have a quiet night. Maybe I'll watch a movie or go to Starbucks. Who knows....there could be a karaoke bar in my very near future....


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