Monday, August 24, 2009


Someone said that it feels like the end of summer. The CNE opened on Friday. In this city, the opening of this fair-like event does tend to signal the end of summer. Where were our lazy, hazy days? Where was the sweltering heat? Lack of warm aside, the weather was very comfortable. Summer ending always makes me a little sad. It's because I dread winter.

My sister and her husband returned from their walking tour of Spain. They had a wonderful trip. They both look happy, fit and their usual easy going selves. They spent days walking, thinking and sightseeing in the process. Their trip wasn't a typical relaxing honeymoon. Having been together for a decade, there isn't much they haven't experienced together. Both said it was the best trip they have ever taken. I missed my sister and her husband. My Dad told my sister that she "bulked up in the arms" He didn't mean this in a bad way, but if he said that to me, I would worry. My sister isn't as sensitive as I am about body image comments. Hopefully she took his remark in the right context.

Before everyone came for dinner, Dad and I went shopping to look at couches for my apartment. All the couches I liked were very expensive. My twin brother wants to get a new couch, so I might buy his old one off of him. Before I agree to buy it, I want to see a picture. It's better to buy with eyes, not haste. I can't remember the last time Dad and I went shopping together. We shared green tea frozen yogurt. He liked it. Growing up, he used to take me shopping all the time. We didn't really buy much, but spending time together mattered. As I have grown older, I missed spending time with Dad.

The Observer had a seat at our dinner table. He's struggling with issues in his apartment. Last night he was quiet, but he did laugh and enjoy himself. Living with similar challenges as the Observer myself, I understand how frustrating it can be to have to deal with tough people and policies. I also know that being around family helps, so I'm glad the Observer joined us.


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