Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Take a ride with me...

It's beautiful weather outside. I'm digging it. The sun is shinning and there is a cool, refreshing breeze. I LOVE summer days like today. I'm feeling well, which makes ANY day better. Truthfully, I'm a bit tired, but we can't have it all, can we? I'm wearing a funky, orange and pink flowered top. My Dad would say my top was "psychedelic" or "groovy." Dad loves using words from the 1960's because he knows how much I enjoy music and movies from that time. They have such a fun, free edge. Sometimes I wish I was born during that era, but I think it would be a LOT harder to get around in my wheelchair. Maybe I would fly around on some magic carpet instead of using a wheelchair. This mode of transportation would be freeing, but I'm not sure how safe.

I must be growing used to my loose retainer wire. It's not causing me as much discomfort. I find this a bit ironic, because I have a dentist appointment to repair the wire tomorrow. I am going home to my regular dentist to get fixed up. She has been off on maternity leave, so my last appointment was with the dentist who was filling in for her. I really like my regular dentist. She is sweet, gentle and knows her way around mouths. Though the wire isn't bothering me as much, I will be glad to get it repaired. Going home will be great too. I saw Mom and Dad two days ago, but I miss them. Getting my retainer fixed up and seeing Mom and Dad is a double bonus. I'm meeting the Observer for coffee later in the evening, so that's a triple bonus.

Last night I watched the documentary Thin for a second time. When documentaries are good, I usually watch them twice. It's impossible to get everything during the first watch. My TV got fuddled for the last part of the documentary when I watched it on Saturday. There was an update on each of the woman's progress in the documentary, but my TV wouldn't let me read it. My TV cooperated last night. Sadly, I learned that each woman relapsed, but managed to rebound. This seemed bittersweet. When we're faced with such serious demons, I don't think they disappear easily. One woman gave a haunting statement that "Thinness was the only thing in life that she really wanted and she would do anything to get there, even die," Her words sent chills down my spine...

On a happier note, my brother and his wife take possession of their new home today. They are having floor installed, so the place won't be ready to live in for about another month. I'm happy for my brother and his wife. Their new house is a bright spot in a tough year. They deserve a happy event.

Speaking of tough stuff, the Observer has a meeting with the manager of his attendant care this afternoon to address some struggles. He is very nervous, but I know he'll do a good job speaking up for himself. Being honest isn't easy, particularly when doing so involves putting someone in hot water, but sometimes it must be done. Things sometimes have to get worse before they can get better. I'm proud of the Observer. Hopefully he knows that I am thinking of him. If I could, I'd find a magic carpet and we could both take a ride into a land of Gino beats and disco balls...

What do you think Observer? Sound good?


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