Saturday, August 08, 2009

Tired Lady For A Day...

I can't seem to sleep these nights. My eyes closed for all of about an hour last night. My mind was buzzing and I just couldn't calm down. The Observer and I went to Starbucks and I quickly drank a coffee with soy milk. I asked for decaf, but after my night of insomnia, I'm doubtful that's what I got. I think they gave me coffee with a buzz. Getting coffee that isn't what I order is a risk that I knowingly take each time I order from a coffee shop. To me, a sleepless night is sometimes worth a delicious coffee. However, since this is the second night that I haven't slept well, I think I will steer clear of the coffee shop tonight. I was a bit grumpy last night, but still happy to see the Observer. He saw the movie Julie And Julia with his best friend. They both enjoyed it.

While they saw the movie, I had some salad and crackers for supper at home. I went to pick up Smarties and Junior Mints for my friend. She was planning to come and hang out with me tonight and stay until tomorrow. Since I am operating on minimal sleep, I thought it would be best to cancel. I'm not much fun when I'm exhausted. I called my friend early this morning to give her fair advance notice. Hopefully she understood. She did ask me a few times if I still wanted her to come. She said she didn't care if I wasn't my best. She was sweet to say that, but I do better alone when I'm feeling off. I also wouldn't want to take the risk of being miserable and snappy around my friend. I love her. When I'm tired, I can be a real witch. Her candy is still waiting for her in the refrigerator which will remind me to see her soon.

In an effort to make use of the day, I went out early and put a documentary on order from the library. The lady behind the counter was friendly and complimented me on my shirt. Another library staff kindly moved the DVD to a cart so I could browse through them. I rented a classic old film called Lady For A Day. It looks likes a movie my grandfather would enjoy. I might watch it tonight if my eyes stay open.

I stopped by Tim Horton's for coffee. The store was packed. A kind woman offered me a seat at her table. She had class. The woman finished her coffee quickly and told me she had to go to work. We shared a table ten minutes, but I liked her. I was only sitting alone for about three minutes, before an older, eccentric-looking man asked if he could have a seat. I quietly agreed, even though I felt nervous. He didn't look classy. We sipped our coffee in silence until he finally told me he was cold. He asked me about getting around the city, how my wheelchair battery works and whether I lived around here. I answered all his questions except the last one. Telling strangers in coffee shops where I live just doesn't seem right. I found out from him that he made a bid on a painting, that he lives not far, he had a small breakfast, and he believes our souls never end. I didn't feel completely safe with him, so I finished my coffee quickly. I wish him "good luck getting his painting." The man said if he sees me again he'll let me know how the bidding went. Hopefully I don't run into him again. Not all strangers I meet in coffee shops seem like people I'd like to see a second. Random encounters can be exciting and strange.

I went to the drugstore and ran into a friend who lives in my building. I told her how tired I was. She invited me for a visit and pizza later in the evening. I thanked her and said I would think about it. Random invites are a sweet surprise. I may stop by just for a bit. I'm running out of steam, but sometimes company helps me forget my exhaustion. I'm grateful for every random person I saw today. Though they were all very different, they talked to me. I'm tired, but life is still moving. Maybe the DVD Lady For A Day landed in my hand to remind me that I'm a person with much to say whether I'm energized or not. In my case, the DVD would be renamed Tired Lady For A Day. The word "lady" commands respect - whatever state a female finds herself in. I like that.


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