Sunday, September 27, 2009

50% of the weekend...

My weekend at home was mostly as fun, relaxing and special as always. On Friday, the Observer and I met at a burger joint. I bought a salad with seeds, chickpeas, tomatoes, apples and salsa and took it with me to the burger place. Though expensive, the salad was yummy. I would get it again. The pita bread was yummy that came with it. I was glad to see the Observer. He was touched when I introduced him as my boyfriend to my neighbour. I usually refer to him as "my friend". Mom and I did get in an argument when I got home. I understand that her worry for me was the cause of our bickering. The underlying cause of most of our fights is our closeness and concern for each other. I love my Mom so dearly but sometimes our tightness causes tension. Mom thinks my high cholesterol will cause me to restrict my eating. While my history makes her thinking logical, I hope she trusts me. Mom was quite confrontational and naggey on Friday night. Being that I was exhausted, I was in no mood so I fought right back. We hurt each other. I went to bed early and called the Observer. He listened with his professional ear and provided just the support I needed. How does he always know just what to say? I hung up and cried myself to sleep. Sometimes crying can be cleansing.

In the morning, I quickly showered and Dad took me for a second round of cholesterol tests. The line up was huge, but they took us right away. I guess Dad had connections. I came home and Mom and I had a heart to heart. We're OK. I had a nap and got ready for my cousin's wedding. I didn't feel like going, but I ended up having a great time. I'll save the wedding details for tomorrow. I've got to meet friends for a birthday lunch. I'm late... For now, happy Sunday!


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