Friday, September 11, 2009

Coffee loaded...

There is a thunderstorm brewing in my belly. I can hear and feel it. I don't mind. At least I am having success. Yesterday was rough, but it was worth it. I am my usual self today. Guess where I went this morning? Where do I LOVE going on Friday mornings? If you guessed the St. Lawrence Market, you're either really smart, or you know me well. (Maybe both). It's freezing outside. There is a chilly breeze and the sky is gray and overcast. I was very cold during my drive to the market. I was so relieved that I changed my mind about wearing a skirt today. I would have turned into an icicle.

I wasn't really in the mood for buying anything, but I did feel like warming up. I went to an Italian coffee stand and bought a cappuccino. It turned out to be just what I needed. The cappuccino was warm, frothy and smooth. Drinking it felt like someone wrapped his or her arms around me for a warm hug. Usually, I'm not a big cappuccino drinker, but I'm glad I had one today. The woman who made it for me wasn't super friendly, but I was satisfied with my drink. I have had three coffees today. On an average day, I usually only drink two. Not having slept well last night, I think my body and mind needed an extra buzz. When I made it home from the library at around eight thirty last night, I had a headache. I knew by the mild pain behind my eyes that I was experiencing caffeine withdrawal. I asked my attendant to make me a "weaker than usual coffee". She did and my headache magically disappeared. Oh, the magic of coffee! The good thing was that my headache disappeared, but the bad part was that the caffeine kept me up into the wee hours of the night.

I watched Property Virgins on HGTV, Frasier, and Three's Company. Frasier was a funny episode about Martin Krane, the elderly father, dating a much younger woman. Three's Company made me laugh. John Ritter plays a room-mate who appears to be gay to his landlord so that living with two twenty-something women will seem socially acceptable. Watching John Ritter fake being gay was pretty funny. I recognized the theme song lyrics. (Come and Knock On Our Door. We've been waiting for you....) from an old episode of Full House. Three's Company must have been a classic show when its theme song gets featured in another sitcom.

I woke up this morning all twisted up like a pretzel. I couldn't wait to get out of bed. My attendant greeted me by talking about how she bought a knock-off Coach Purse. I'm not big on purses or fashion, so I wasn't all that interested to hear about her Coach Purse. All I could think about was how my legs were contorted and that I just wanted to get out of bed. Trying my best to listen, my attendant must have sensed my impatience. She said I didn't look like I slept well. I told her that I was uncomfortable, so that got both her and myself moving.

Sometimes all we can do is tell it like it is - and drink coffee when it's the only cure for a particular headache.


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