Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good things...

The air is a bit humid and sticky today. I woke up all twisted up in bed. I don't know if I looked like a pretzel, but I sure felt like one. My mission after breakfast was to call a friend who just went to Italy. We hadn't talked for a bit, so I was anxious to hear about her European adventures. The house where she stayed wasn't accessible, so she couldn't go far. That must have sucked to travel such a distance and not be able to explore. My friend kept asking about my summer. All that really happened was my sister's wedding. Though uneventful, it was still a great summer.

Last night I was very grumpy. I was tired and my body ached. I told the Observer and he told me to cheer up. I got upset. Just the day before, he was feeling sorry for himself and I listened. We all have the right to feel sorry for ourselves now and then. It's hard to know what to say to the person who is down in the dumps. Maybe it's best to listen. I apologized and he played me a remark of a song from Alvan and The Chipmunks. The Observer knows how to cheer me up. I also heard the tune Funhouse by Pink which always makes me smile. A week from today the Observer and I will be at the concert. I can't wait!

Yesterday's Oprah show featured a woman whose husband shot her face off. Though inspiring, her story broke my heart. She admitted considering taking her husband back after he is released from prison "because she is all he has." Her comment made me sad. The second segment of Oprah was on a mermaid girl born with a rare condition where her legs looked like mermaid fins. I've seen a documentary on her on TLC. She's feisty, funny and full of life. I had to laugh when she let it slip to Oprah that her parents were divorcing. Judging by the looks on their faces, it didn't seem as though they wanted this news announced on national TV. Obviously, their extroverted daughter had come to terms with it.

Next I was the second half of Oprah's show on the 1960s. The cast of Jersey Boys did a number. When they sang Walk Like A Man, I loved it The night the Observer and I saw that show was one I won't soon forget.

My spirits are better today. I dealt with a grumpy attendant, but that's just who she is. She won't change. In a store line-up this morning, a woman with a baby sweetly helped me sort out my change. The woman's baby was wailing, but she stayed very focused on helping me. I was touched. Fall is here and it's started off on a good note. Whenever I'm down, I'm going to think of where I'll be a week from now. As Pink says, "Let's get this party started!"