Monday, September 21, 2009

Got to pee!

It's rainy outside. I haven't done much today. I woke up with a craving for fruit. Well, an apple to be truthful. It took me forever to decide which drugstore to stop by. Decisions and me do not mix well. I take forever. Everything is like a deliberation - even deciding which fruit to buy. Is that funny or sad? Maybe both? I finally decided to buy an apple and a peach. The peach was an unplanned purchase, but they just looked so big, juicy and fresh sitting in the bins. I ate my peach for lunch. It tasted fresh and juicy. I talked to Mom and the Observer a few times today. Mom tried to reassure me about the whole cholesterol stuff. I am getting used to the fact that I have high cholesterol. I don't like it, but who would?

The Observer is sad and frustrated today. He is going through hazels with his attendants. I can empathize. It's not easy letting all sorts of people into your life, especially when you have no control over who they are. I know he'll be OK. Hopefully the Observer knows that I have his back and that I am on his side.

Last night I watched the animated movie Flushed Away with Hugh Jack man and Kate Winslett. It was a super cute story. I loved both of their characters, particularly their accents. Are they both English?

I think nature is calling...I have to go home with a full bladder in the rain...wish me luck! * It's later....I rushed home and used the washroom. On the way, a guy on the street stopped to say i was "very pretty and did I want a coffee?" I quickly said thanks and no. Why do strangers often say I'm pretty? Maybe they feel sorry for me or think I need a confidence booster. Who knows...I'll I can do is say "Thank you."


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