Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Groovy and rude...

Remember how I mentioned that my phone fell in the toilet last night and that my attendant made a huge deal about having to fish it out? Well, the same attendant must be having serious issues. Today she is grumpy again. At lunch-time, the attendant helped me out. As she was standing me up so I could transfer, she commented that my "gum chewing was driving her crazy." How rude was that??????? I wanted to say, "Your breathing is driving me crazy witch, but then I would have been rude. I've never like this attendant. Today is a prime example of why I dislike her as much as I do. SHE drives me crazy everyday, but I don't say so. It's rude. Most people know this. I guess my attendant doesn't, even though at her age, she ought to. I know her bad mood and grumpiness isn't about me. I'm trying hard not to let her remark ruin my day. Just because my attendant is having a bad day doesn't mean I must....she makes my blood boil.

It's cool out today. I'm wearing my white, green, blue and beige stripped pants. Dad picked them out at Christmas-time for years ago. They are groovy. My pants remind me of Dad and maybe that's why I like them.

I went to the drugstore in Cabbage town this morning. It's a quaint little patch in the city. My usual drugstore ran out of Comet and I needed some. The guy who served me was kind. He could teach my attendant a thing or two about manners. I wanted to say to her, "Maybe if you wear my groovy pants, they will loosen you up." However, my pants are too small for her big bottom. Now I'm being rude...


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