Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Home and today...

My visit home feels like a long time ago, even though I got back yesterday. As always, seeing my family was great. Time fly too quickly. I made it home for a quick chat with all of my siblings and berry crisp topped with vanilla ice cream. Everyone was happy and talkative. I forgot to ask my brother about his new house, but he didn't seem offended when I finally asked as we said goodbye. He and his wife seem happy. My sister showed me her wedding album. It looks like a yearbook. The pictures are beautiful. My favourites are the ones of my sister with my Dad and the adorable flower girls. My sister showed me pictures from her honeymoon, which was a walking tour of Spain. The photos looked like they were taken in Rome. Most images were rustic and simple and made me want to travel. Even a blue painted door looked like something special. I loved seeing their pictures. Their trip looked like a physical and spiritual journey.

I couldn't sleep that night. I always struggle to sleep at my parents' house. It must be the change of scenery and feeling like a guest. I watched a Newsworld documentary called One Hundred And Twenty Seconds That Changed The World, never before seen footage from September 11th. As you can imagine, it was gripping, devastating and surreal. There was running, towers falling, people jumping from the sky and colours everywhere. I didn't want to watch, but I couldn't stop. I'm glad I did. I neglected to mention the anniversary of 9/11 this past Friday. Watching the documentary made me recall that day. It seems long ago, but not far away. Our world is different, but there is still heartache and tragedy. There always will be...I lay ed thinking about what I watched.

Yesterday I spent the morning drinking coffee and reading People. It's one of my favourite activities when visiting home. Mom made me eggs for breakfast. I showered sand felt more refreshed. Showers always make lack of sleep more bearable, don't they? Mom made a cheese and tomato sandwich, a yummy salad with pecans and a yogurt berry parfait for lunch. Her food is simple, but so delicious. Everything tastes better at home. After lunch, Mom took me for routine blood work. I flinched before the needle poked me and relaxed immediately after. Anticipation is the worst. We came home and watched TV. Mom had to work. I was worried she'd be too tired. She started the day walking the dog, followed by a workout, made me breakfast, cleaned, helped me shower, showered herself, made lunch, took me for blood work and got me ready to leave all before her job. What a super Mom.

I went to an appointment that did my soul good. Sometimes it's good to talk, even if I think I have nothing to say. I was tired when I got to my apartment. I kept wondering if Mom made it through her day. She called on her way home to say that her day was nicely paced. I was relieved.

The Observer wasn't feeling well last night. As soon as I heard his voice, I could tell he wasn't himself. He went to his parents, which is the best place to be when feeling under the weather. He seems better today. He made impromptu plans to visit me tomorrow. When he told me, I got worried because I have pysio students coming to interview me in the evening. I wasn't sure if I'd have time for everything. I operate best with a plan and suck at rolling with the punches. I need to work on being more spontaneous. Life isn't scripted and we miss out if we are too rigid. I had a long day today. I went to the market and bought vegetables and a chocolate poppyseed danish, went to an appointment in my old neighbourhood, came home and dropped my cordless phone in the toilet while answering the call of nature. The attendant who fished out my phone made a big fuss. She is rude and rigid. I had to laugh. I hope never to turn out as persnickety as she is. If I do, I hope I will have the chance to roll up my sleeve and dig out a soiled phone. The experience has to be humbling, and a little messy, but good for the character.


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