Monday, September 28, 2009

Living it up for the camera...

It's raining outside tonight. Luckily, it's not raining too heavily, but enough to make it still feel damp and cold. I'm wearing my red wind breaker and I still feel like I have the chills. I think I feel the beginning of goosebumps on my arms. That's been happening more often now, which tells me summer is gone. I made it to my friend's birthday lunch. The Observer was patiently waiting. He didn't know many people, but was his friendly self. I appreciated him meeting my friends and waiting for me. I think the Observer was mad that I didn't eat, but he understood. Most of the guests were leaving as we arrived, but one friend did stick around. After lunch, the Observer and I went to Union Station. My head was in a fog and I kept getting lost. Again the Observer was sweet. We went to Second Cup and had a heart-to-heart chat. Every day should end this way.

My cousin's wedding on Saturday was a lot of fun. Though I wasn't really feeling like going, I was glad I did. My twin brother, my sister-in-law, his girlfriend, and the Observer couldn't make it. I was sorry they missed such a fun evening. The ceremony and reception were all located in the same building, which was very convenient. The only awkward part was that there were three hours to kill between the wedding and reception. Everyone stood, chatted and had cocktails and seafood. My family all had sore feet from standing for so long. I was grateful for my wheelchair. I probably could have made money selling my seat. I spent a long time chatting with my sister and uncle. Catching up with family members I don't often see is important.

When it was time for the reception, my older brother and I sat together. We rearranged the table place cards to make this happen. The entire wedding decor had a fall them with orange table clothes, leaf setting plans and an apple inside each person's place setting. I liked that idea - very practical and fall - like. We started with a fruity salad that had a gross pink dressing. There were strawberries, mangoes and croutons in the salad making it colourful. The salad would have been better with a vinaigrette dressing, but it wasn't my wedding. I had vegetarian pasta made with cheese and sweet potato with broccoli and potatoes on the side. The portion was huge. I loved it though. The meat entrees were either chicken stuffed with cheese and spinach or a generous piece of beef. I was glad I picked the vegetarian pasta. Cheese isn't the best food for me to eat with my cholesterol, but sometimes I need to just live and enjoy. I sat with my cousin who is in his early twenties. He's sweet, kind and funny. My cousin is gay and he brought a female friend as his date, which confused the older generation. Isn't my cousin allowed to have female friends? People are weird...

My oldest brother is reserved. Like me, he's not a big dancer and likes to socialize one-on-one at big events. Like the Observer, my brother's wife is very social and loves to dance and enjoy the party. Just to tease his wife, my brother posed for pictures of himself looking like the life of the party. We took pictures of him grinning from ear-to-ear, dancing on the dance floor, spinning tunes behind the DJ booth and laughing. It was hilarious.
I haven't seen any of the infamous candid shots yet, but I can't wait! Hopefully my sister-in-law will see the humor in the pictures. Every picture tells a story - or in this case - a joke.


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