Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Living and looking good...

I haven't been to the Canadian National Exhibition yet this summer. The event offers the same activities and vendors each year. I find this tradition comforting, but not the most exciting. It's free for wheelchair users, so that's a bonus. Still though, if something is free and boring, is it REALLY a bonus? People have told me that the exhibition offers good deals on jeans, but they aren't the best quality. Again, if something is inexpensive, but poor quality, is it REALLY a good deal? I suppose it's all about what we are looking for, right? Sometimes cheaply made jeans have a place in a closet. I don't have many though. Most of my jeans last me a while.

Last night I was grumpy. Tired and achy, I wasn't very talkative. Mom and I got in a bit of a disagreement. Close friends of the Observer and myself are getting married this weekend. I can't decide what to wear. Should I buy a new outfit? Mix and match what is already in my closet or where an outfit I have at my parents' house? Talking to Dad, he suggested wearing the dress I wore when I was a bridesmaid at my sister's wedding. Mom thinks I would be dressed too fancy. While the dress is beautiful, it's a bit tight and I might be uncomfortable. The dress Mom suggested I wear is one I don't particularly like. It's black and not very flattering. Her opinion bothered me.

To take my mind off our conversation, I went to the drugstore and bought Swiffer dry clothes for my mop. Today was my housecleaning booking, so I needed them. I also bought bus tokens, which I also needed. The fresh air did cheer me up. A homeless guy sitting outside the drugstore asked me for "change to buy a coffee" more than a few times. I'm not sure why he bothered me so much. Maybe it was the way he repeated himself. Part of me wanted to shout, "I heard you, and no, I will not buy you a coffee." Saying this would have made me feel awful, so I kept quiet.

I came home and called the Observer. He was worried he caused one of his attendants to be suspended because he complained about her. I know it wasn't his doing. There are probably multiple reasons why his attendant was suspended and his complaint was likely the last straw in a dwindling haystack. Being so kindhearted, I can understand how the Observer would worry. I hope he knows he did the right thing, even though it was very difficult. *I am proud of you Observer.*

Before bed, I watched a repeat episode of Michael J. Fox on Oprah. Having read his recent booked called Always Looking Up, I appreciated his interview. Michael said, that {when faced with a physical challenge] "vanity is the first thing to go." I suppose he meant that being present and active in life is more important than how one looks living it. Applying Micheal's advice to my own life, maybe I should think about how special and fun the wedding will be this weekend and worry less about what I will be wearing. The wedding is to join two amazing people for life, not a fashion show for their guests. That said, it never feels bad to look good while enjoying life, does it?


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