Saturday, September 12, 2009

A night of movie watching...

Last night I watched No Reservations and Ratatouille. Both films were fun and involved food. Abagail Breslin was not the cute character she usually plays. She was slightly stubborn. Her role was to play a little girl whose mother was killed in a care accident. Given such tragedy, I guess it made sense that she was slightly difficult. Breslin went to live with her aunt (Catherine Zeta Jones), a top notch chef who knew little about child rearing. Watching Breslin struggle to adapt to her new home and life without a mother did pull on the heartstrings. A romance developed between Catherine Zeta Jones and a handsome Italian chef which added a mature edge. The film showed how food can be reassuring when we are living in uncertain times. Catherine Zeta Jones seems to exude class and style in anything she does. I heard on a radio show that any woman who shares a magazine cover with her ends up overshadowed by her attractiveness. I would have to agree.

By the time I watched Ratatouille, I was tired and grumpy. I wasn't in the mood to listen, watch, talk or do much of anything. My lack of sleep had caught up to me. Dad and the Observer called. I tried to conceal my grumpiness, but I think they knew I wasn't all that happy. Ratatouille seemed cute, but I think I would appreciate it more if I watched it when I have more energy. The voice of Remy, the main character, was a mystery that plagued me the entire film. I am curious as to how long it will be before the actor's voice comes to me. It's a twenty-something, popular funny man. That much I know. Don't tell me! The answer my friend is blowing in the dwindling summer breeze. The guy's name will blow my way. I just have to be patient.


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