Thursday, September 03, 2009

Ordinary sweet choices and happenings...

I'm chilly. I must be sitting in air conditioning. There are no goosebumps on my arms, but I'm sure they will be creeping up if I sit here longer. Today I haven't been motivated to do very much. I feel drained. I'm not sure why. Being that it's beautiful outside, I regret not doing more. I was out quite a bit yesterday. In the morning I went to the market and bought mushrooms and baby cucumbers. i bought two huge zucchinis too. The Observer and I met at Sherway. When I got to the mall, I had a pounding head ace. I bought some green tea frozen yogurt and felt better. The guy behind the counter was kind and brought me water. I'll go back.

I met the Observer at the food court and he had finished his sub. I was still hungry, but couldn't decide what to eat. I wheeled around for a while considering my choices. I thought about a salad or pizza, but felt like meat, so I opted for a ham sub with mustard and hot sauce. The Subway employees were teenagers and had trouble understanding that they had to hold the Interact machine for me. I'm short. After the debit machine timed out a few times, the woman next to me in line held it for me. Kind strangers are the best...

The Observer and I met up again at the frozen yogurt shop. They were busy and seemed to forget about his order. Again, kind strangers came to his rescue. It's funny how we both ate the same dinner, but I had dessert first and got rescued by a stranger before he did. Our visit was short but sweet.

A favourite bus driver drove me home. It's been ages since I've seen her. I remembered that she's a new grandmother, so I had to ask her about the baby who is only a week old. People instantly light up when they talk about new a new baby in their family. It's magic.

We picked up a friendly passenger who knew my favourite recipient of attendant care in my building. The follow consumer and tenant is elderly but looks middle aged. He's wise and comforting. It turns out that my favourite tenant and the passenger yesterday were room mates in a spinal cord injury rehab center. It's a small world. The passenger commented that his former room-mate doesn't look a day over fifty. I was thinking the same thing.

I started reading a book on punctuation today called Eats, Shoots, and Leaves by Lynn Truss. I have read her other novel called Talk To The Hand. So far, I have made it past the preface, so I haven't read enough to form a valid opinion. Lynn Truss is English, so her humour is different, but it's good for me to gain exposure to new writing styles.

I went to the drugstore this morning and filled a prescription. It took the pharmacist forever to see me waiting at the counter. Being tired and grumpy, I wanted to shout, "Are you blind, or can you just not see me?" I waited.

I treated myself to a large hazelnut cream coffee from a store called Treats. Never having tried Treat's coffee before, I was impressed. A sweet teenager was very attentive in putting milk and sweetener in my coffee. I liked her. I was wishing I had told her boss how helpful she was.

All my attendants have been top-notch today. I am lucky, but I still feel like I'm dragging. I've eaten bread, a huge box of junior mints and and a massive bowl of Life cereal. I did have mushrooms, but think I've consumed too much processed junk...ah well, there's always tomorrow, right? If too many carbohydrates are my biggest problem today, I would say that I'm doing alright...

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