Friday, September 04, 2009

Out of the dumps and into the sunshine...

I'm really tired and feel gross at the moment. I drank my laxative mixed with purple Kool-aid. I think I forgot how nasty that stuff tastes. There were six glasses in front of me, but I only managed to drink three. Half is better than nothing, right? I used to be a champ with the six glasses. What's happening to me? I'm losing my groove. My stomach feels all queasy and uneasy. (What a funny rhyme!) On the upside, maybe that means the laxative is working. I hope so. After finishing my three glasses of purple flavoured liquid, I felt pretty full. I actually had to force down my coffee, because I knew if I didn't drink it, I would soon have a headache. Usually I can't get my coffee into me fast enough. I was so full. Needing to lift my spirits, I went to the St. Lawrence Market. The woman behind the counter at the bagel store smiled at me and said to "Have a nice weekend." Her friendliness made my yucky morning a little brighter. The beautiful sunshine and bussling of market shoppers was the healthy distraction I needed. On an average day, I get hungry looking at all the huge, fresh vegetables, fruits, breads, pasta, cookies and sandwiches sold at the market, but not today. I did sample a bagel, but it didn't taste as yummy as usual. Maybe my taste buds are tired.

At home, I called Mom. She didn't sound like herself. I think she is tired. Hopefully she is alright. We talked about me for most of the conversation. I feel a little sad that she worries so much about her children and not a whole lot about herself. Moms naturally do and I don't think it's the healthiest habit. Earlier in the day, I called Dad. Hearing his voice made me feel safe. I'm going home tomorrow after the wedding. I can't wait to see my parents. I have missed them.

I chose to wear a unique sundress to the wedding. It's colourful. I like it, but I'm not sure if the Observer will. My brother has said that I look like a box of crayons when I have wore the sundress. Wearing it makes me happy and doesn't that stand for something?

Forty five minutes from now, the Observer has an important meeting with the manager of his attendant services. I know he's very nervous about the outcome. Meetings with people who have power can be intimidating, but he can hold his own. I am sending him good luck vibes from the 416....

I am going out for dinner tonight with a friend who lives in my building. We will probably head to the sushi restaurant nearby. I'm not really in a sushi mood, but I'm looking forward to the company. Sometimes being around a female friend is enough to bring me out of my grumpy state. They say,"Misery loves company." I prefer to believe that "Company dissolves misery." I am craving a coffee, so I must be feeling better.


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