Sunday, September 20, 2009

The peace of one...

There is this funky lady in my building. She is strong like an ox. Though she can't physically speak, she communicates well. Just by looking at her, it's clear that she's smart. I like her. Yesterday her husband died. I feel awful for her. Never having children, they provided constant companionship to each other. She will be so lonely at first. That said, I know the funky lady in my building will rebound. She's lived her whole life rebounding from her challenges, so this will be no different. My heart goes out to the funky lady in my building. Life isn't fair. We all know that, but sometimes we live this harsh reality.

Yesterday's trip to Union Station was OK. Seeing my friends was nice. They were waiting. I was hungry and craving a vegetarian sub as I usually do at Union Station. Being that dinner involved two others, I kept this quiet and agreed to go to Casey's, a restaurant across the street. Caseys is OK, but I just wanted a sub. Sometimes it's good for me to bend. We had to wait for a table and that made me grumpy. I ordered the Asian Chicken Salad. Salad always takes me forever to eat. When my friends had to wait for me, I almost said, "A sub would have been faster," but held my tongue. It's not always polite to say what we're thinking...

I wanted a decaf coffee and my friends wanted dessert. Back at Union, we got what we craved and made our way to our usual table. My friends kept wanting to hold my coffee, saying it would spill, but I insisted on carrying it myself. I am of the firm belief that, if we can do something, we should. We sat and chatted about love, men and getting older. When I felt tired, I said "I best be going." It's rare that I'm the first to make an exit among friends, but I was losing steam. They understood I think.

I made the chilly trip home and anxiously called the Observer who had been out to dinner for a friend's birthday. He seemed to enjoy himself. Mom sounded exhausted, but it was still reassuring to hear her voice. I watched Over The Hedge. It's been years since I have seen it. The movie is cute. I love when the turtle loses his shell and we see the crack in his bum. That's my favourite part.

I went to bed and watched an interview with a cute pro football player who is set to play Terry Fox in a upcoming movie. Football doesn't hold my attention, but cute players do. I must have fallen asleep, because I can't remember watching much.

This morning I had a long talk with Mom. I called her as I felt the need to catch up. I enjoyed our chat. Hanging up, I decided to grab a coffee at Timothy's like yesterday. The almond hazelnut blend was just as good as the day before. The same person served me. Coming into my building, one of my attendants smiled at me and asked, "How was your second cup of coffee today?" I must be quite predictable.

The Observer is at a park with a friend today. Though his friend means well, he can be a lot to handle, so I opted out. The park where they are meeting is beautiful. I would love to visit with just the Observer. I like my one on one time. I don't mind groups, but there's nothing like quality time. Today I'm spending the day with myself. Sometimes I can be a lot to handle too. If I get out of hand today, I'll tell myself to chill out.


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