Saturday, September 19, 2009

Same same but different...

The Observer and I explored town last night. It's the end of the Toronto Film Festival (TIFF). The Observer LOVES any type of movies and since I don't live far from them, we thought we would see what we could find. It was pretty windy outside. Luckily, I put a jacket on, but I was worried about the Observer who didn't have one. He was driven crazy when I kept asking if he was cold. I think he was. We went to The Varsity, but all the film festival movies were sold out. There were a few that sounded good - including Love and Other Impossible Pursuits, My Year Without Sex and Same Same But Different. My best friend taught in Japan for a year, so she told me that "same same, but different is a popular expression in Japanese culture. Upon goggling the phrase, I have found the following definitions:

1. Used a lot in Thailand, especially in an attempts to sell something but can mean just about anything depending on what the user is trying to achieve.

Q "Is this a real rolex?"
A " Yes Sir, same same but different."

2. Title of the amazing song featured in the 2008 Bollywood film "Bombay to Bangkok". Also used to describe subtle nuances.

Ally: Is it just me, or does this room stink like mildew too? Lauren: It's same same but different! Lauren and Ally: We are same same but different, we are same same but different.

3. Pertaining to the nature of lady-boys in Thailand.

It sounds like "Same, same, but different", is more of a phrase from Thailand, not Japan. My friend travelled to Thailand too, so this makes sense.

Coincidentally, the same friend called last night as soon as the Observer and I got home. Rarely do I pick up the phone, but I was glad we got to chat. I miss my friend. She's doing well. I told her about my high cholesterol. She said to "Look after myself." I am, but it's always good to be reminded.

After hanging up, the Observer and I went to Starbucks. I enjoyed my second store bought coffee of the day with soy milk. There was a guy who showed the Observer a picture of a porn star and said it was his sister. Some sister, huh? After getting in just before eleven ' o clock, I was too late to talk to Mom. Hopefully we'll chat today. I miss her.

The air feels crisp. I am reminded that fall isn't too far away. Actually, I think it officially begins in a day or two. It's funny to think about, because where was summer? We had a day or two of heat, but nothing like our usual summers. I'm wearing purple corduroys today. I like them, but the only shirt that really matches with them is white. Thankfully I have lots of those. Needing deodorant, I went to the drugstore and bought two types of the same brand as it was a deal. Next I went to Timothys for a hazelnut almond coffee in a quiet area. The shop wasn't busy. Sitting there looking out the window was relaxing. My deodorant was similar, but not identical. Store bought coffee is coffee, but tastes stronger than home brewed coffee. One could say both the deodorant and coffee I bought were, "same same but different."

I'm meeting two friends at Union Station soon. One is my best friend while the other is an acquaintance I don't often see. It should be fun. Both friends are special, even though I am clearly closer to my best friend. I suppose one could say they are, "same same but different" in the English Canadian context.


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