Wednesday, September 09, 2009

TV, chatter and breezes...

There's more sunshine today! I'm wearing capri pants again but pink instead of green. People say it's hot, but I don't think so. Outside feels just right. I went to the grocery store for coffee and bread and it was warm with a refreshing breeze. Who could ask for better weather?

Late in the afternoon yesterday, I came home and had a full bladder. I asked my attendants for emergency help. A worker who I don't enjoy seeing snapped at another worker right in front of me and everyone in the building lobby. The whole exchange embarrassed me. It was awkward. If the woman is rude to her co-worker, imagine how she treats her own family! I have never respected her and after witnessing that rudeness, I respect the woman less. I got help, which is what matters. Feeling relief, I called one of my best friends. She's not one of those people I can say just a few words to and hang up. My friend is a talker. I don't think she was in a very good mood. Her voice had an edge. My friend had just returned from a weekend of visiting her grandmother, so maybe she was tired. I know this week is her vacation and she wanted to get together, but I can't. I am disappointed, but life gets busy. We made plans to meet up the following weekend. My friend always suggests that I come to visit her. She lives in a very inaccessible, remote area. Getting to her nighbourhood means taking three buses. It's a trek and we end going to a Thai restaurant that serves bad food. I love seeing my friend, but I like meeting half way. Next week we are meeting closer to my parents' house, which is okay. After our long chat, my ear was tired. I love my friend, but boy, can she talk!

I watched this documentary on Newsworld yesterday about Robert Fowler, a Canadian UN Ambassador who was held hostage by Al Queda. Peter Mansbridge interviewed the peacekeeper. He talked about being pushed under truck boards and sat on by terrorists while having no idea where he was going or who captured him. The documentary was both eerie and captivating. I didn't want to keep watching, but I couldn't turn away. The second part airs tonight. I will be watching it. Next I saw a documentary called School Of Secrets about a high school nature program where teenage girls were sexually abused by their teacher. I've seen School Of Secrets before. It's disturbing because many people of authority sensed that improprieties were happening but failed to act on their intuitions. When we ignore intuition, a heavy price often gets paid.

I watched Three's Company on TV tropolis. The network must have recently added that show. I haven't seen many episodes, but I've heard good things, so I may start tuning in. Suzanne Sommers seems a bit airy fairy with her plugging of hormone usage, but she is a good actress. John Ritter was a talented comedian who left a lasting impression in the comedy world. I am interested to see John's early work.

It was getting late and I must have been tired, because I can't remember what I watched next. I must have fallen asleep. Speaking of sleep, Mom told me today that she is having trouble getting proper rest. Hopefully, Mom has sweet dreams tonight. She is always hot, so I am sending breezy thoughts her way. I suppose we can all use breezy thoughts any time of year. Happy breezes to you!


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