Sunday, October 18, 2009

Break downs, good company and Oklahoma...

Have you ever noticed that major, expensive belongings usually break down in pairs? If one thing breaks, it's not long before another pricey appliance gets busted? Well, you probably guessed that I'm speaking from experience. First it was my electric toothbrush. I love it and spent countless spare minutes every day keeping my pearlie whites white. Brushing my teeth is therapeutic and purposeful. It makes me feel like I am doing my body good. That's what I tell myself anyway. Lately though, my toothbrush has been slow to do its job. The vibrating action doesn't always kick in. The power turns on and off. I told Mom about it. Before I knew it, she bought me a new one. I can't have it until my birthday, which is in about two weeks. Using an old fashioned, manual toothbrush is a positive change. The brushing motion must maintain my hand dexterity - or that's what I tell myself.

Next to break down was my cell phone. It hasn't been lighting up turned on for a while. I shouldn't be surprised. A while ago, my phone got wet in a way that I will keep to myself. Some things are so nasty that they are best left unwritten. Yesterday my best friend and I agreed to meet at the bookstore in the mall close to my apartment. I was fifteen minutes late getting there. My friend is ALWAYS on time, so I knew she'd be worried that I wasn't going to show up. For fifteen minutes, I searched for a beautiful, sweet, looking girl with curly, dark hair with no luck. I was about to go to another meeting spot when my friend called out to me. We were so relieved to find each other.

We spent the next hour and a half chatting over coffee. My friend had an appointment at a local hospital that morning so she told me about how that went. Her hand is twisted from a bran tumor, so she gets regular Botox injections to give her more dexterity. Sadly, the same friend was just diagnosed with Diabetes and is taking medication to control her blood sugar. She says she hasn't changed her diet. I can understand why. No one likes to live with too many restrictions, especially when a person loves food. I do think it's important to find a balance. We can still enjoy the things we love without hurting ourselves. Putting moderation into action can be easier said than done.

The Observer came to the mall and we went to the Pickle Barrel. Before he arrived, I quickly zipped home to use the bathroom. Before leaving home, I called them to say I would be at the Pickle Barrel soon. I insisted that they order but learned they were waiting. I freaked out at the Observer over the phone. I hate when people wait for me. He got upset. Rightly so. I arrived and the Observer seemed mad at first, but soon we were both happy to see each other. My friend had Asian nachos, I had salad with salsa and garlic bread while the Observer had pasta and spring rolls. For dessert, they had frozen yogurt while I had lemon wedges. I'm not a big fan of the Pickle Barrel. The food is mediocre, but the top notch company made up for the meal. My friend had to leave in a hurry to catch the subway. I missed her as soon as she was out of sight. I went to the drugstore and picked up some personal supplies. I had to ask a young store employee for help. I was a little embarrassed, but he was kind and unfazed. The Observer and I met up at Starbucks and talked. He surprised me with a decaf waiting for me at the table. Isn't the Observer sweet? I haven't seen him all week, so it was great to catch up. I have missed the guy. I still feel bad for getting mad at him for waiting to order, but dwelling won't help. All I can do is be a little more relaxed next time.

After the Observer left, I watched Oklahoma on DVD. It's a musical about love, community and jealousy. My uncle was in the play fifteen years ago and I loved it. I have never forgotten about wanting to see the DVD. I didn't get through the whole DVD, I enjoyed the songs and light hearted storyline. Listening to the characters sing about confusion and jealousy over love, it occurred to me that these themes have existed throughout time. People have always been attracted to each other, craved company, needed affection, and felt torn. While films vary in terms of characters, location and plot, these central themes remain timeless. I suppose not every character had a cell phone or toothbrush. It's just as well. As I've learned, nothing lasts forever.

Today I am certain that I ran into Kurt Browning on the street. He's a Canadian Olympic figure skater. Maybe he is participating in the show Battle Of The Blades that is being filmed next door. Perhaps he has a look-a-like. He was famous twenty years ago. I'll never know if that guy was Kurt Browning or not. Just thinking that it could have been him makes me happy.


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