Thursday, October 01, 2009


I love Pink. I've always liked her, but now I LOVE her. The concert was by far the most fun, positive show I have attended yet. The Ting Tings opened. I like a few of their tunes, but don't know many. They are from Manchester England and are best known for their hit songs Shut Up And Let Me Go and That's Not My Name. The Ting Tings have a funky, rocking style. Some of their instrumental work was impressive. The Ting Tings got the crowd reved. The Observer and I left at intermission to get snacks. I had a bun loaded with sauerkraut, mustard, tomatoes and peppers. I got it for free. Maybe the servers gave me a deal because I didn't order meat, which I'm grateful for. The Observer got popcorn. We ran into the sister of Albert, (the Observer's cousin,) who works at the concert venue. She's so sweet. We got free drinks. We're so lucky.

When Pink came on stage, everyone went crazy dancing and grooving. I was busy trying not to make a mess eating my loaded bun. Aside from a mustard spill, I stayed clean. Pink performed Just Like A Pill, Fun house, Don't Let Me Get Me, U and UR Hand, Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely), Trouble, So What, Who Knew, I Don't Believe You, Dear Mr. President, Let's Get This Party Started and a song I missed. Trouble was an acoustic version. It was my favourite. Pink also performed Bohemian Rhapsody and a Led Zeppelin tune that got the crowd rocking. I didn't really pay much attention to the special effects since I love Pink's voice, but I did notice a funky clown on stage during Fun house. She talked to the audience as she would talk to friends, which made me love her more.

Unfortunately my bladder exploded near the concert's end. Wet and cold, I left early and missed the final two tunes. I'm disappointed, but I saw the songs I love. It was great night and I can't imagine sharing it with anyone but the Observer. *thank you Observer xoxo!* Though I was frustrated by my bladder explosion, the fun of the night kept me from getting too upset. I was glad to get home quickly and the attendant who cleaned me up was understanding. Two good things and one yucky reality balance out.

It's colder today. I'm wearing a purple fall jacket over top of a big fleece and I'm just warm enough. The day hasn't been top notch. Knowing the next few days will be busy, I went to the St. Lawrence Market and bought peppers. They don't look as fresh as usual. My head is a bit foggy and my attendants are chatty. I don't feel like listening to anyone. Well, maybe Pink again...



Lurker said...

You went to a Pink concert?, ok envious. I didn't even know she was in the area.

But seriously that's awesome!. I wanna go to one someday just don't have the money right now.

I love her she has such an awesome attitude on life glad you had a good time :).


glad you enjoyed it love