Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I got soaked to the bone yesterday. My plan for was to get up and at 'em as soon as I woke up. Looking outside, I concluded that it was drizzly, but not wet enough to change my plans. Before I could go anywhere, my stomach decided to make sure I stayed close to home for the morning. I was OK with that, because I was feeling in top form after listening to my body. Who can complain about that? I wasn't going to. My attendants were kind, which was another plus.

I was told to bring buns for Thanksgiving. Did I mention that already? Probably. Mom specified that she wanted them to be from the St. Lawrence Market. The lady of the family knows exactly what she wants. Knowing what Saturdays are normally like at the market, I knew the Saturday before a holiday would be a madhouse. I thought I best to do what I needed yesterday. Why put off what we can do today for tomorrow, right? The rain started coming down harder the farther I went. Once at the Market, I was soaked, cold and hungry. I bought what few buns were left and sat and ate cheese pizza. I dreaded the way home. I was still cold and wet. Getting back took awhile. I stopped and started. A young, cute stranger noticed me struggling and walked close beside me with his umbrella. I learned he was a photographer and model from Alberta. He took me all the way to my apartment and made sure that I got safely inside. The world is full of good people. I needed to get out of my soaked pants. The attendant care manager called someone to help me. He's a good person. Once in dry clothes and drinking hot coffee, I knew I would be fine.

Exhausted, I watched Dr. Oz until the Observer came. We chatted and went to Starbucks. They knew I wanted soy-milk in my coffee. A girl in the coffee shop was how I picture myself if I could walk. She was short, had shoulder length brown hair and was wearing a red top. There were brown, plastic framed glasses on her face. The Observer and I listed what we were thankful for...I had a lot to say.

I woke up this morning well rested and happy. My attendant braided my hair. It's different. I'm not sure if I like it, but change is good. I picked up smaller dinner rolls from Metro. The guy there was sweet. He's helped me before. He made sure to find just what I needed. I am loaded down with buns, but better too many than too few right? I am going to see the Observer shortly and wish his family a happy Thanksgiving. From there, I am going to my family. A favourite family friend of Mom's is coming to Thanksgiving dinner. Her laugh is infectious and she's the kind of person who will walk with her umbrella beside a cold, wet girl. I'm going to tell my family about the kind photographer I encountered in the rain. Thank you sir. You kept me dry and reminded me why we celebrate more than just turkey and cranberry sauce this weekend.


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